Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – The Garden Party – Feb 15th 2019 – Monarch SF

Hey! I’ve been invited back to play the Garden Party in the glorious basement of the wonderful Monarch night club in San Francisco. Last year I played and it was amazing. The photo from the cover of HOME (my latest LP which you should hear, and own on vinyl – […]

Sunshine Jones Live Set – Housepitality – March 6th 2019


The Garden Party – Feb 15th 2019 SF

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET The Garden Party Monarch San Francisco Feb 15 2019

Sunshine Jones – HOME – TUOC04LP – OUT NOW!

Sunshine Jones – HOME TUOC04LP Out now on The Urgency Of Change Get all the info you can at There’s lots to read, a film to watch, previews to listen to and you can score it directly from us. Also available from: Pacific Beach Vinyl Our friends at PBV […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – Sunset New Year’s Day (January 1st) at Great Northern, SF

What are you doing New Year’s Day? I’m going to be playing a live set at the Sunset Sound System New Year’s Day After-Party party at Great Northern in San Francisco… 100% live! 100% confirmed! See you there. Face-Page Invitation/Information


Episode 6 of Scott Brio’s podcast – The Voice Of Electronic Music is featuring a pretty lively conversation with me (Sunshine Jones.) We cover how we met, getting ripped off, why Roland boutique’s don’t suck in a Danley or Funktion One sound system, how discouraging it is to try and […]

Sunday Soul Archives

So far I’ve got 54 archives spanning from Feb 2007 to June 2013 loaded up for your pleasure. The whole thing… errors, inspirations, accidents, posters, and wherever possible the essays as well. They’re free, and you can listen to them from your tablet, telephone or laptop. Navigate over to […]

Sunshine Jones Live at Sunset Sound System New Year’s Day After-Party

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET Sunset Sound System New Year’s Great Northern San Francisco January 1 2019

TVOEM at Halcyon 12/16/2018

The Voice Of Electronic Music Conversation/Podcast Halycon, SF 7pm Dec 16 2018

Copper Traces – SEEK – Mini Manual

I don’t know about you, but I don’t use a computer, tablet or telephone for musical purposes, and in quite the opposite direction of the way things seem to be going, computers seem to completely drain the creativity out of me. Distractions, spam, sitting there still with my neck craned […]

Limitation as a force of creativity

Not so long ago I had it all. I spent my days and late nights in a separate set of rooms filled with the latest flat screens, multi core macs, pro tools system, professional mixing console, beautiful Genelec speakers, full phrase parametric tuning by the master Bob Hodas, acoustically treated […]

Intellijel TETRAPAD firmware 2.0 Beta Reference Card

I’ve gone over the pdf manual of the new firmware version 2.0 beta for the Intellijel Tetrapad eurorack input control surface and produced a little cheat card to help us more efficiently learn the functions and settings for this fantastic new software update. It’s still in beta (releasing at v1.2 […]

Korg Mono/Poly with Tubbutec Modypoly upgrade reference card

KORG MONO/POLY – TUBBUTEC MODYPOLY CHEAT/REFERENCE CARD DOWNLOAD PDF FORMAT – Version 0.03 – 1.2MB – October 2018 I found the manual for the Tubbutec Modypoly CPU/MIDI upgrade to be somewhat cumbersome, making it hard for me to memorize the functions and features. So I went over the manual and […]

LATENT: Sunshine Jones – DJ Three – Josh Dupont – November 17th 2018 – San Antonio Texas

On Saturday November 17th I’m headed to San Antonio, Texas to connect with my family at Southtown Vinyl, and play a 100% live set in a magnificent warehouse with one of my all time favorite DJ’s – DJ Three of Hallucienda. Also playing are the brilliant Josh Dupont, and Anthony […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live with DJ Brian Busto – October 12th 2018 – Tampa, Florida

Friday October 12th I’m headed to Tampa, Florida to get down with a very special 100% live set beside my man DJ Brian Busto. Brian will play from doors until my set begins, and I will play until close. 9pm – 3am 1001 West Cass Street Tampa, Florida Here is […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% LIVE SET – Substance Thursdays at the End UP in San Francisco October 4th 2018

Call in sick, or arrange to “work from home” on Friday the 5th of October, because I am going to be playing a 100% live set on Thursday, October 4th at the glorious and amazing EndUp in San Francisco. Yes, I’m going to rebuild that deep, dark, disco DJ booth […]

Sunshine Jones Classics DJ Set – with Brian Lyons and Peter Evans – Flammable! Re-Bar – Seattle – Sept 16th 2018

Saturday night, September 15th, I’m playing a live set at Monkey Loft for Viva at a killer night called THIS! And on Sunday I’m going to stick around and play a live/dj set at Flammable. Flammable is at Re-Bar, the Seattle institution and one of the most beautiful nights I […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – THIS! – Seattle, WA – September 15th 2018

Well hello Seattle! I love you and I miss you and it’s been way too long. I’m headed up on the 15th for a LIVE set at THIS! with Viva at the Monkey Loft. And then on the 16th, you know I’m going to get with my sweethearts Brian Lyons […]

Sunshine Jones Live Set with DJ Three – November 17th San Antonio, TX

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET with DJ THREE Josh Dupont OM Pearce San Antonio, TX November 17 2018

Family Funktion – Los Angeles: September 21st-23rd, 2018

I am playing a live set in Los Angeles with 59 other amazing artists at a Listed/Decibel Festival feat of heroics called Family Funktion. Three days of all kinds of awesome. So excited!!! PASSES / ADDITIONAL LINKS Discounted Passes to FAMILY FUNKTION are available now at Passes are tiers […]

Roland Boutique TR-08 The Missing Manual – A User’s Guide to the TR-08 Rhythm Composer

A USER’S GUIDE TO THE ROLAND TR-08 Rhythm Composer THE MISSING MANUAL DOWNLOAD PDF FORMAT – Version 0.01B Revised Feb 2021 I think it was 1992 when I was handed a milk crate with something broken inside of it. “What’s this?” I asked. The man in the bright red member’s […]

October 13 – PLAY LIVE! SEMINAR – Tampa

Sunshine Jones PLAYLIVE!SEMINAR Tampa, FL October 13 2018

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Oct 12 Tampa, Florida

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET with Brian Busto Tampa, FL October 12 2018

October 4th subSTANCE – EndUp SF

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET SUBSTANCE The End Up San Francisco October 4 2018

Decibel/Play! – Los Angeles September 22nd 2018

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET Decibel/Play! FAMILYFUNKTION Los Angeles September 22 2018

Flammable Classics Set – September 16th 2018

Sunshine Jones Special DJ Set! Flammable Seattle, WA September 16 2018

This! September 15th Seattle WA

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET THIS! Monkey Loft Seattle, WA September 15 2018

Sunset Campout 2018

I’ve been invited to join Galen and Solar and a host of other amazing artists to play a 100% live set at this year’s Sunset Campout. Never played a Sunset Party before… my debut. I am honored, and delighted to have been able to say yes! Here’s the face-page invite […]

VSL D-ENV Basic Patch Diagram

In an effort to explore and learn better about what the Vintage Synth Lab D-ENV module can do, I drew up a diagram poster of some of the basic ideas behind the module. It was fun and inspiring to really take a hard look at the ideas behind how the […]

RE-303: Build your own authentic replica of the TB-303

I spent the last week building the DinSync RE-303. The RE-303 is as exact a replica of the Roland TB-303 as is possible. The BOM is comprised of the original parts used in the TB, and the parts and boards, case, and all involved may be considered interchangeable. Naturally most […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set – Playground – July 14th Los Angeles, CA

On Bastille Day, July 14th, I’m headed down to Los Angeles to get together with some interesting heads and put something beautiful together. The Playground event is being co-produced by the 900Block crew and the Evolve crew, and it’s going to be very special. If you don’t know about the […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Morgana – June 14th 2018 Brooklyn

This Thursday, June 14th, I am playing a 100% live set with the amazing Ben Annand and Mikey Lion at the magically larger than life Brooklyn Mirage. And it’s free. RSVP For Free Entry Here My set is a sunset set. I begin at 8pm and play until 9:30 (short […]

Din Sync GILBERT // DIY SH-Style Mono Synth Project

Din Sync’s highly anticipated and absolutely thrilling Gilbert kit has arrived. This is an analog SH-101/MC-202 synthesizer which was offered (for less than a day) as a complete kit. I was lucky enough to score one, and it’s arrived. I’ve rarely been this excited about something. If you didn’t manage […]

DinSync GILBERT – Patch Notes/Cheat sheet

This is probably silly because the Din Sync Gilbert is such an immediately familiar and nuts and bolts synthesizer that most people, myself included, wouldn’t really need one of these classic “cheat sheets”, but because sometimes things get connected in a different way, and amazing things happen, I thought I […]

Sunday Soul Special – Live DJ Mix – Music To Roll With…

Oh hey, Happy Sunday. It’s been a minute, but last night I put a little mix together for love. I didn’t hate it, so I thought I’d post it up as a Sunday Soul Special! Get over to and give it a spin. I hope this totally surprised you […]

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Sunset Campout 2018 – July -27-29

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET Sunset Campout California July 27-29 2018

July 14th 2018 – Los Angeles

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET 900 Block Evolve Los Angeles July 14 2018

Morgana – Brooklyn Mirage June 14th 2018

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET Morgana Brooklyn Mirage Brooklyn June 14 2018

Fire Benefit – Phonobar – San Francisco

Sunshine Jones DJ SET FIRE BENEFIT Phonobar San Francisco June 7 2018

TUOC04LP Sunshine Jones – HOME -Pre Orders Now Open

I’m delighted to announce here that Pre Ordering for my new full length vinyl LP is now open! Get over to The Urgency Of Change right now and listen to the previews, and pre order yourself a copy of this album! This is the studio edition of the live set […]

Sunshine Jones – Wicked – San Diego – June 2nd 2018

Sunshine Jones Live Set Wicked San Diego June 2 2018

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set at Wicked in San Diego -June 2nd 2018

That’s right, I’m playing a live set at Wicked in San Diego on June 2nd 2018. Jenö, Garth, Markie and more… There will be three areas of sound. Indoor/Outdoor and amazing. Details soon. LOVE

intellijel Tetrapad Cheat Sheet


Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Frequency Weekender Festival – Victoria BC

On May 20th I am making my way back to Victoria BC, one of my favorite places on earth, where we are going to do something a little different this time. Usually I play at the Copper Owl and it’s amazing, but it’s always sold out and there’s a line […]

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Grand Re Opening of Le Salon Daomé – April 21 2018 – Montreal

I’ve been invited to Montreal, one of my favorite cities on the planet, to play a 100% live set at the grand re opening of Le Salon Daomé. This place was legendary, and they have moved. This is the debut event at this new location and I couldn’t be more […]

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Desert Hearts Festival – April 27-30, 2018

Well look at that, would ya? I’ve been invited to play a live set at Desert Hearts Festival this year. Out in the desert with Doc Martin, Egyptian Lover, Damian Lazarus, Kenny Glasgow, Worthy, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porky and a huge pile of amazing people, dancers, revelers, and […]

Permission To Land / Disco Knights at Midway May 13th 2018, San Francisco

I am playing a 100% live set with Shiny Objects and Anthony Mansfield at the Disco Knight’s camp fundraiser called Permission To Land on May 13th in San Francisco. The get together will be in the outside portion of the Midway event space featuring custom sound, and fantastic music. Starts […]

Dubtribe Sound System – Live at Together – May 11th 2018 – NYC

Moonbeam and I are getting together for a set in NYC with some dear old friends. Looks like a lot of fun. See you there! Here’s some more info


With the successful editing of 87 minutes of music down (from 18 to 11 songs) to 23.4 minutes for side A and 24.1 minutes for side B (not accounting for revisions and second thoughts, plus the usual protest that an LP can’t – or shouldn’t- be longer than 22 minutes […]

May 20th – Victoria BC

Sunshine Jones Live Set Victoria, BC May 20 2018

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Disco Knights/Permission To Land – Midway – San Francisco -May 13th 2018

Sunshine Jones LIVE SET Permission To Land Midway San Francisco May 13 2018

Together – DSS – May 11th – NYC

Dubtribe Together NYC May 11 2018

Desert Hearts – April 29 2018

Sunshine Jones Live Set Desert Hearts Festival California April 29 2018

Salon Daome – Montreal – April 21st 2018

Sunshine Jones Live Set Le Salon Daome Grand Re Opening! Montreal, Canada April 21 2018

The Garden Party – San Francisco 2/24/2018

Sunshine Jones Live Set The Garden Party at Monarch San Francisco Feb 24 2018

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – The Garden Party – with Tobin Ellsworth and Benjamin K – February 24th at Monarch SF

On February 24th we are going to deck out the basement of Monarch with flowers and plants and convert that beautiful basement into the Garden Party! I will be playing a 100% live set, and Tobin Ellsworth, and Benjamin K will be mixing on the decks. 9:30pm until 2:30am More […]

A Love Letter To The Eurorack Synthesizer Voice

If nothing appears above this tiny text it’s because Vimeo is slow. Reload the page and the video will surely appear for you. Just a brief letter to entertain the idea of what a eurorack synth voice module is, and what anyone might want one in their Eurorack modular synthesizer […]

Sample & Hold Disambiguated in A4 Poster Format

I forget the order of operations for generating that wonderful little stepped modulation waveform that I love called Sample & Hold. I remember most of it, but by the time I’m all patched up and confused I find I don’t care to correct my errors, and therefore I don’t feel […]


That’s right, the streaming version of TUOC03 is now available for live streaming on the inter-web. Point your browser to and start watching. The film is password protected, so you will need to grab the password from the page and enter it before it starts playing for you, but […]

Octachainer – Freeware Mac & Windows file prep software for the Elektron Octatrack & Analog Rytm

One of the things that’s really driven me nuts about the Elektron Octatrack MKI and MKII (aside from each track being monophonic) has been a workflow issue of managing tracks and parts. As you may know each bank allows for 4 “parts” to be allocated for up to 16 patterns. […]

Mutable Instruments Kinks & Links Cheat Cards

If you’re anything like me, you think you’re going to remember what the cryptic little markings mean so you don’t book mark the link, or save the pdf and get back to it. Then a few days later you have no recollection whatever of the information that you searched for, […]

Rhythm Machines of the Glorious (but distant) Past


Doepfer A-155 A-154 Connections

My story with the Doepfer A-155 Trigger Sequencer begins with saving a broken one from a trip to the dump. I managed to get my hands on one of these wonderful sequencers because it was broken. I love to learn, and jump at any opportunity to get out my soldering […]

Sunshine Jones – Live at Flammable – New Year’s Eve 2017/108 – Seattle, WA!!!!

I bet you thought I was really going to stay home and bang a pot at midnight on New Year’s didn’t you? I know in my “rest of the year” poster I talked about that, and you know what? A cozy evening with a log on the fire, a fantastic […]

TUOC01 / 03 Ltd. Edition Restocks!

I lucked into a last box of 50 copies of TUOC01 FALL IN LOVE NOT IN LINE and so in celebration of their return, I’ve posted them up to the site at In addition to that I’ve talked it over with Martha and we have agreed to release an […]

New Year’s Eve 2017/2018 Flammable!

Sunshine Jones Live Set New Year’s Eve FLAMMABLE Seattle, WA Dec 31 2017

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Analog Set – Disco Katz: Disco Cabana – Dec 10th 2017 – San Francisco

Hey! Check this out… I am playing a 100% live set with my dear ones Tobin Ellsworth an the Disco Katz for their December edition of the mighty Disco Cabana. This party starts in the afternoon and goes into the evening. It’s a Sunday get together that completely rules. Colorful, […]

Happy 15th Anniversary Dave Smith!

I am delighted to be a featured artist representing my love for the Dave Smith-Tom Oberheim OB-6 synthesizer. Rare is a modern, analog synthesizer so magically even better than I’d hoped it would be. I’m proud to help DSI celebrate their 15th year! More here LOVE

SH-01A The Missing Manual – A User’s Guide To The Roland Boutique SH-01A


A Love Letter To The SH-01A

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up A short love letter to the Roland Boutique SH-01A. An overview of the synthesizer, and a demonstration of what I love about it. Note: I am an electronic musician, […]

A User’s Guide to the Isla Instruments KordBot

A USER’S GUIDE TO THE ISLA INSTRUMENTS KORDBOT DOWNLOAD PDF FORMAT – VERSION 0.1A DECEMBER 2017 When I first saw the demo for the Isla Instruments KordBot I got all excited. The idea of a sort of Oberheim Cyclone meets a Suzuki Omnichord plus the features of the Arturia Keystep […]

TipTop Audio ONE Cheat Sheet

DOWNLOAD TIPTOP AUDIO ONE CHEAT SHEET PDF FORMAT I recently traded in my Erica Synths Pico Drums for a pair of TipTop Audio ONE Sample Playback modules. I did this because I wanted more immediate and hands on control over samples in a live performance, and during sound design. I […]

A Love Note to a brilliant idea: The Serge Analog Shift Register and the Intellijel Shifty

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up Just a little love note to the amazing Serge analog shift register and the Intellijel Shifty. I hope this inspires you half as much as this module has inspired […]

Roland TR-09 the Missing Manual – A user’s guide to the TR-09 Rhythm Composer

A USER’S GUIDE TO THE ROLAND TR-09 Rhythm Composer THE MISSING MANUAL DOWNLOAD PDF FORMAT – Version 0.1 November 2017 This is user’s guide number five – The User’s Guide to the Roland TR-09 I’ve collected all of the information I can about the TR-09 Rhythm Composer and compiled it […]

TUOC03 – Sunshine Jones – HOME – A Document of the 2016 Live Ground Tour

Pre Orders are now open for the limited edition physical edition of this film by Martha Traer. Check it out at Each of these is a professionally manufactured DVD video, region free for worldwide enjoyment. The package is hand made by me, and each one is signed and numbered. […]

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Disco Katz KZA – SF – Dec 10th 2017

Sunshine Jones Live Set Disco Katz San Francisco, CA Dec 10 2017

Tropical Boat Party – with Doc Martin – November 4th 2017

Sunshine Jones Live Set Tropical Boat Party w Doc Martin & DJ Dan Los Angeles, CA Nov 4 2017

Masquerave – Nov 3rd – NYC – DSS

Dubtribe Masquerave * NYC Nov 3 2017

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Lovelife Halloween – October 28th 2017 San Diego, CA

At the end of October I’m headed down to San Diego for Lovelife’s Halloween Costume get down! It’s at the Prado in Balboa Park and it’s gonna go off! All the information is right here See you there!

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Victoria BC – October 14th 2017

On Saturday, October 14th I’m headed to Victoria for a live set at Frequency Saturdays for Chinatown Events. It’s a live set with Natty! And I can’t wait! All the information is here See you there!

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Nightjar grand opening – October 13th 2017 Seattle, WA

On October 13th I’m headed north to open up the Nightjar in Seattle. We’re gonna get down with Riz, Rob, Brian and Xan and a 100% live set from me. All the info you need is right Here See you there!


THE STILLNESS OF YOUR HEART Sunshine Jones TUOC02 Selected analog meditations to encourage you, and to ease your mind in these overwhelming times (with suggested instructions for mindful use.) Limited edition of 50 copies Each package is handmade, signed and numbered by the artist. Pre Orders Open Now Deliveries begin […]

Deep End Room – San Diego October 28th 2017

Sunshine Jones Live Set Deep End Room San Diego, CA Oct 28 2017

Victoria October 14 2017

Sunshine Jones Live Set Victoria, BC Oct 14 2017

Seattle October 13 2017

Sunshine Jones Live Set Seattle, WA Oct 13 2017

Roland Boutique/Studio Electronics SE-02 – The missing manual

A USER’S GUIDE TO THE ROLAND/STUDIO ELECTRONICS SE-02 THE MISSING MANUAL DOWNLOAD PDF FORMAT – VERSION 0.1D UPDATED 11 DECEMBER 2017 Here is a track I produced using only the SE-02 as the sound source. SUNSHINE JONES – Ahmed (Three Osc Analog Monosynth Song) Listen DOWNLOAD MP3 FORMAT – © […]

Sunshine Jones – Live Set – Earthdance Florida – September 22nd 2017

Ok, so there’s this mad, down to earth, beautiful and pretty real festival that happens in Florida every year and it’s amazing. Last year I played in a massive geodesic dome and most everyone was naked. It was really real. This year I’m playing a 100% live analog set on […]

Sunshine Jones Live Set – Earthdance – Florida Sept 22 2017

Sunshine Jones Live Set Earthdance Florida Sep 22 2017

A Love Letter To The 3 Oscillator Analog Monosynth

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up A short love letter to the 3 Oscillator Analog Monosynth. Covering how the Minimoog revolutionized the synthesizer itself, and modern iterations based on the idea of 3 oscillators, mixed […]

Roland Boutique JX-03 – The Missing Manual

I’ve really enjoyed re writing the manuals for the JP-08, the JU-06 and the JX-03. Everything about it. Reading the original manuals, deciphering the modern leaflets, cross referencing for the differences between devices, making the technical diagrams and drawings, programing the sounds, and talking with people about their boutique synths. […]

Sunshine Jones – Fall In Love Not In Line – TUOC01 Pre Orders open now!

FALL IN LOVE NOT IN LINE Sunshine Jones TUOC01 12″ Vinyl pressing now accepting a limited quantity of pre orders for $12 plus shipping. Get over to The Urgency Of Change to check out the previews, and reserve your copy now… Like waking from a dream… LOVE

JP-08 – The Missing Manual

The minute I illustrated and re wrote up the missing manual for the JU-06 available with some patches hoping to encourage people to get deeper into their Roland Boutique modules, people began asking me to produce something similar for the JP-08 and the JX-03. I love a good technical illustration, […]

Roland JU-06 – The Missing Manual

I love my JU-06. Despite much criticism by those who feel that only vintage synthesizers are valid, and others who are resentful that Roland are recycling the names of classic machines in modern instruments, I feel that the Roland Aira and Boutique line of synths are something very special. On […]

A Love Letter To The SH-101

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up A short love letter to the Roland SH-101 covering my long standing devotion to this superb mono synth. Also going briefly into detail about my search for a modern […]

Happy TR-707 Day!

Happy 707 day to my first drum machine ever. The mighty TR-707. Marshall Jefferson’s muse, the side stick that saved my life, the go to clock sequencer for the SH-101 arpeggiator and sequencer, a midi to din sync solution, the precursor to the beat step pro, and an all around […]

Sunshine Jones – DJ Set – Sunshine People July 16th 2017 – Oakland Waterfront

I’m hustling home from Cascadia to make sure I make the scene at one of my favorite Oakland get togethers this summer. Sunshine People is a warm, loving, and honest group of some of the deepest heads from the End Up scene in SF from one of our many glorious […]

Dubtribe Sound System – Cascadia Festival – July 13-16 2017 – Granite Falls, WA

On Friday July 14th I am making my way back up to one of my favorite places in the world, the Puget Sound, coastal region of Washington State. Dubtribe are performing a Friday night set at Cascadia. Here is the info on face-page Just one hour outside of Seattle, this […]

Dubtribe Sound System Live at PEX Summer Festival – July 2nd 2017

July 2nd I’m headed to BWI and making my way up into the forrest of Maryland to play a Dubtribe set with Moonbeam for the closing night of the PEX Music Festival. This is such a good, warm, and loving festival of so many different kinds of music and so […]

Sunshine Jones Live – Underground Souls Anniversary – July 1st 2017

This weekend I am headed down to Santa Barbara to play a live set with some of the deepest and most right on people I know. Underground Souls know how to host a very special event. Under the stars, up in the hills, gathered together with a huge smile, dancing […]

Noise From The Void 12 – Jenö, Andre, Carla, Mike and Sunshine

Saturday the 24th of June I’ll be heading down to celebrate 12 years of Noise From The Void with Jenö, Andre, Carla, and Mike. We’ll be gathering and getting it on at Vinyl Dreams in the lower haight in SF, and I also think that Jenö does some sort of […]