October 2021

TUOC-013LP COHORT – Pre Sales Now Open

TUOC-013LP COHORT PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW OPEN Limited edition of 300 Vinyl LP’s No current plans in place for a digital release. Vinyl first, then we’ll worry about the waves. Head over and read all about it, listen to my beautiful cohort, and reserve your copy today! Physical delivery is […]

The Destructive Nature Of Isolation

Lately I’ve really been considering why exactly the “menu” is such a bad idea. I mean what’s wrong with having a shift/filter button and a nice little screen with some options on it? In the very early 90’s when everything went all digital pages, it was taxing, time consuming. Everyone […]

Alesis MMT-8 Adjustable Analog Clock Output with Speaker Switch

I’ve been using the Alesis MMT-8 since 1987. I’ve been all over the world with them, crashed them, restored them, and deeply loved them. They’re fantastic sketch pads, brilliant live performance tools, and it’s fair to say that without them there may never have been a Dubtribe Sound System. I’ve […]