December 2017

Doepfer A-155 A-154 Connections

My story with the Doepfer A-155 Trigger Sequencer begins with saving a broken one from a trip to the dump. I managed to get my hands on one of these wonderful sequencers because it was broken. I love to learn, and jump at any opportunity to get out my soldering […]

Sunshine Jones – Live at Flammable – New Year’s Eve 2017/108 – Seattle, WA!!!!

I bet you thought I was really going to stay home and bang a pot at midnight on New Year’s didn’t you? I know in my “rest of the year” poster I talked about that, and you know what? A cozy evening with a log on the fire, a fantastic […]

TUOC01 / 03 Ltd. Edition Restocks!

I lucked into a last box of 50 copies of TUOC01 FALL IN LOVE NOT IN LINE and so in celebration of their return, I’ve posted them up to the site at In addition to that I’ve talked it over with Martha and we have agreed to release an […]

New Year’s Eve 2017/2018 Flammable!

Sunshine Jones Live Set New Year’s Eve FLAMMABLE Seattle, WA Dec 31 2017

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Analog Set – Disco Katz: Disco Cabana – Dec 10th 2017 – San Francisco

Hey! Check this out… I am playing a 100% live set with my dear ones Tobin Ellsworth an the Disco Katz for their December edition of the mighty Disco Cabana. This party starts in the afternoon and goes into the evening. It’s a Sunday get together that completely rules. Colorful, […]

Happy 15th Anniversary Dave Smith!

I am delighted to be a featured artist representing my love for the Dave Smith-Tom Oberheim OB-6 synthesizer. Rare is a modern, analog synthesizer so magically even better than I’d hoped it would be. I’m proud to help DSI celebrate their 15th year! More here LOVE