July 2014

Dubtribe Sound System Live with FK at Deep Space – August 4th 2014 NYC

And then when I’m back in North America my first stop before heading for home is New York City where Dubtribe are playing Deep Space on August 4th. My favorite band, at my favorite club (Cielo,) with my favorite DJ (François K) at my favorite party (Deep Space) … Heaven. […]

Sunshine Jones – Same Mistakes Video

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up Last year I recorded this song in a fit of inspiration. I did it as a challenge to myself – starting out as a re edit, but ending up […]

Sunshine Jones – Deep Site 2 Year Anniversary Party – August 1st 2014 – Leeds, UK

This tour is coming to a close. It’s been absolutely amazing – far better than I could have hoped. But it wouldn’t be complete without the sort of crown jewel of the trip… I am playing in Leeds on Friday August 1st at From Deep Site With Love. The lineup […]

From Deep Site With Love – Sunshine Jones Mix CD Available Now

I mixed the 2 year anniversary CD for Deep Site Recordings. I carefully curated their catalog to produce a fine and very deep mix. I re edited a few of the tracks, and sang live over a few of the mixes. The song “I Just Wanna Fly” which I’ve been […]

Sunday Soul – EUROPA 20-27 – Music for the week of July 27th 2014

Happy Sunday. Our last day in Florence. Leaving shortly for Paris. This tour is going very well, and we are headed for a free set at Freespace – Paris on the 28th and a screening of Martha’s film about the [freespace] movement. If you’re near Paris, please come. It’s free […]

Sunshine Jones – Free Set and Freespace Paris

Monday night I’m in Paris for a couple of reasons: 1. I’m offering a free set at freespace paris. If you don’t know about freespace, please head over here to get your head together. From 21h until 23h I will demonstrate my music, live performance, and live on the fly […]

Sunshine Jones – Organik Night Vol. 4 – July 31 2014 – Geneva, Switzerland

I’m headed to Geneva for the last day of July. We arrive a day early to investigate this historic city, and then from 02h until 04h I am going to rock it… Join me, and the Organik crew with something deeper and more beautiful to ring the bells of order […]

Sunshine Jones – Rivalta Cafe – Florence Italy

On the 24th of July I am headed over to Florence to play a set with Portofino Sunrise and Urmet K at the Rivalta Cafe in Firenze. If you’re in the region you might want to come get deep with us. It’s going to be amazing… Here is the Facebook […]

Sunday Soul – EUROPA 12-19

Sunday Soul – EUROPE 12-19 Year 11 – Playlist 14/52 – Music for the week of July 20th 2014 From Barcelona this time, I stand an gaze into the same struggles in Europe’s great bohemian cities with all the same questions I have at home. I refer back to Herodotus, […]

Sunday Soul – EUROPE 5-11

Sunday Soul – EUROPE 5-11 Year 11 – Playlist 13/52 – Music for the week of July 13th 2014 Things are going even better than I’d hoped. I love it here. I am so happy. Please enjoy this travelogue, and this beautiful music for the week. This week’s edition is […]

Sunshine Jones – Finn Campbell-Notman – La Caseta – July 17th 2014 BCN

Join me and Finn at La Caseta on Montjuïc, Barcelona in the mountain breeze on Thursday night for a free open air get together. Barbecue, music, dancing, in the crisp and revitalizing breeze of the mountain. Thursday July 17th 2014 La Caseta Montjuïc, Barcelona Spain Here’s the Facebook invitation See […]

Sunshine Jones – The Absurdity of Possession – Video

Vimeo is a little slow to load sometimes. If the video doesn’t appear, just reload the page and it should come up. ARTIST: Sunshine Jones DIRECTOR: Jason Williams – Commune TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Martha Traer, Kirk Wilder, & Andy Michelson LABEL: Cosmic Disco Records – Amsterdam All pictures & sounds © […]

Sunday Soul – EUROPA 1-4 – Music for the week of July 6th 2014

Sunday Soul – EUROPA 1-4 Year 11 playlist 12/52 Transmitting from Europe Music for the week of July 6th 2014 Playlist, essay and artwork goes live at 9am pacific time on Sunday July 6th at Enjoy!

European Tour – Promotional Spot

Here’s a new promotional video for the confirmed European Tour dates. Enjoy! Video: Martha Traer Titles: Sunshine Jones Music: I Just Wanna Fly – Sunshine Jones Edit From the forthcoming Mix CD ‘From Deep Site With Love’ out this summer on Deep Site Recordings