October 2013

Sunshine Jones – Folding Space – November 7th 2013

I’m returning to the Pacific North West again soon! Playing in Portland on November 7th for Folding Space, a very special gathering of wonderful heads to dance and celebrate. Really looking forward to this. xo

Dubtribe Live at the Cult of the Acid House – San Francisco – November 2nd 2013

Cover your left eye, let your mind wander off… Smile. I love you. Dubtribe are returning to San Francisco November 2nd to play a live set at Jenö’s wonderful little party called The Cult of the Acid House (or just CULT for short.) It’s gonna be at 1192 Folsom Street […]

Sunshine Jones Rocks Flammable IV – October 27th 2013

The last time was amazing, and this time is bound to me just as magical. I’m in town, and so we put this together at the last minute because we love you. See you there! xo

Sunshine Jones – Seattle – October 26th 2013

I’m playing Seattle on Saturday October 26th at a halloween party in the Big Building. It’s a magical space with a theater, a gallery, a wood workshop and a wonderful collective of people inside of it. If you’re within 100 miles of Seattle I feel sure I’ll see you there.

Player Test

This is just an example of a waveform based player I’m developing for Treehouse Muzique. This is a working prototype. I’m pleased. There’s some tweeking to do on ho it looks, and which features I want to include or exclude, but the exciting thing is that it actually works. To […]

Drop It Can Ya – DSS – FLA

Dubtribe Sound System Drop It Can Ya Florida November 29 2013

Nov 21st – Bubble – SF

Bubble SF Underground San Francisco, CA November 21 2013

November 7th – Portland

Folding Space v14 Portland, OR November 7 2013