January 2012

6-30-2012 Invited Radiance Oakland

6-30-2012 Invited – Radiance – Oakland

6-29-2012 – Dubtribe, Three, Busto – HPC Tampa

6-29-2012 – Dubtribe, Three, Busto – Snatch – HPC Tampa

6/24/2012 Sunday Soul – No Place Like Home

6-24-2012 Sunday Soul – No Place Like Home

PRIDE – 222 HYDE, SF – June 24th 2012

6-24-2012 – PRIDE – 222 Hyde, SF

June 15th 2012 Real Time

6/15/2012 REALTIME – San Francisco

Sunday Soul – heartfelt bohemian expanse – January 29th 2012

torch my heart with your wild ideas of love and devotion To Listen: At 9pm in San Francisco (which is Midnight in Manhattan, and a sleepy 5 am in London) you can head over to and click the big play button. For a little bit more of a sophisticated […]

Dubtribe Sound System – Live at U-Hall – January 21st 2012 – Washington DC

Facebook Invite Saturday 1/21 we welcome back a live performance from Sunshine & Moonbeam — 10pm, $10 Purchase Tickets: *Ages 18-20 entry by advance ticket only Throughout the 1990s, DUBTRIBE SOUND SYSTEM established a devoted following amongst the west coast house music scene due to their unique live performances, […]

Sunshine Jones – Live in Baltimore – 1/20/2012

Facebook Invite Over the years there have been a select number of promoters who have helped shape Baltimore’s nightlife – Fever, Ultraworld, Sonic Soul, and arguably the most debaucherous of all, Family Productions. Celebrating the past as well as the future E-Villa & the Baltimore Music Collective are proud to […]