May 2012

(maybe) the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

I received this in the mail a couple of days after what I think was the best set I’ve played in Texas to date: I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been overwhelmed with so much happiness since Friday night. So many tears of joy streaming down my face. […]

REAL TIME – Sunshine Jones with Polk & Hyde – June 15th 2012 San Francisco

I’m not quite sure what I’ve gotten myself into here. But Jonah Sharp (of Space Time Continuum) asked me to come down to the 222 sometime and do a live set with him and EO (Polk & Hyde.) So I went down to check it out. It was amazing. I […]

Sunday Soul – speechless – June 3rd 2012

“Shhh… don’t make a sound” To Listen: At 9pm in San Francisco (which is Midnight in Manhattan, and a sleepy 5 am in London) you can head over to and click the big play button. For a little bit more of a sophisticated listening experience you can grab the […]

Sunshine Jones – Private Event – Corvalis, Oregon May 27th 2012

My friend Anjie is getting married in Corvalis and I am making the music. I’m sorry, it’s a private event and you can’t come unless you were invited. Manoj of Portland is letting me use his mixer so I can sing. I need a date. There’s going to be so […]

Hotel Trouble…

And then this happened: I’m sound asleep in my indoor mall balcony room at the mall of the americas Marriot in Dallas and suddenly this strobe light starts going off. It wakes me up – dunnoe why a rave in my room would wake me up, they’re old school and […]