October 2022

Underground Souls 16 Year Anniversary

On October 22nd I am headed back down the California coast, and this time I am stopping off in Santa Barbara for the Underground Souls 16 Year Anniversary celebration. I will be playing a 100% live set beside my dear ones Corbin, Sans Nom, as well as Thee-O, Erik Lohr, […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live at Lightning In A Bottle 2022

SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE At Lightning In A Bottle 2022 A live recording is now available to stream, or purchase a WAV copy (cut into it’s aggregate tracks) for your pleasure and joy. // This experience was so heavy, and so real that this archive really had to be released. […]

Prophet Rev2 Preliminary Midi Implementation Chart

PROPHET REV2 Preliminary CC Reference Chart I went through all of the panel controls and recorded each of the buttons and knobs midi output and noted them, organized them into a preliminary midi implementation chart of common MIDI CC’s and their functions and values. More can be done using NRPN […]