September 2015

Roland BA662A VCA Chip

The Roland BA662A VCA chip is the Voltage Control Amplifier IC from the Roland SH-101, TB-303, Juno-60, JX-3P etc. which is a part of what makes it sound so wonderful. These can also be found in the Jupiter-4, the Jupiter-8, and MKS-30,50 and 80. They have counterparts – The Roland […]

Dubtribe live with Doc Martin and Marques Wyatt in Los Angeles – 10/31/2015

Doc and Lilia are throwing a beautiful celebration this year for Halloween and Dubtribe are going to be a part of it. Sublevel Halloween 2015 Doc Martin Dubtribe Sound System Marques Wyatt Benjamin Beck Get tickets and more information: Tix- RA- Subscribe to the Tribe- Can’t wait! […]

Sunshine Jones – San Antonio Texas 12-19-2015

Sunshine Jones Live/DJ Set San Antonio, TX Dec 19 2015

Sunshine Jones Dallas Texas 12-18-2015

Sunshine Jones Live/DJ Set Dallas, TX December 18 2015

Sunshine Jones – Grass Valley 12-16-2015

Live/DJ Set Grass Valley, CA Dec 16 2015

DSS at CityFox NYC

Dubtribe Live at CityFox NYC Dec 12 2015

Sunshine Jones in SF Dec 10th 2015

All night Underground SF San Francisco Dec 10 2015