March 2006

All love comes from God

He woke up late. It was impossible to say exactly what time it was but the sun was blazing through the window and it was definitely not morning anymore. The power had gone out again. He ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower and then put the coffee […]


Tonight’s the night. I’m playing at Deepspace with FK at Cielo in New York City. I’ve been waiting for this gig for my entire career… I couldn’t be more excited. See you there!

The Ignoramus

The sun was shining brightly, and my shadow cast out in front of me with a darkness which cooled my front feet as they swung out in front of me. To watch me walk is an amusing occupation. My knees seem to buckle for a moment, and then my round […]

On any road

He sat in the firm wooden chair staring at the peeling paint on the shutters. Hadn’t he just painted them last summer? He remembered specifically going around and around with her over which shade of green to use. He’d had his hopes up about something dark and classic, but she […]

Euphorbia Milii

Edith Louise Mulvihil sat silently on top of an oversized wooden trunk. Her eyes fixed on something in the distance as she softly chewed on the inside of her lower lip. Those awful little flaps of skin drove her crazy, and it was only a matter of getting this last […]