January 2007

Till Human Voices Wake Us

I was bitter about this for years. No other poem had more of an impact upon my young, and romantic mind that The Wasteland, which is actually a collection of poems, and has nothing to do with those horrible Cats. The yearning of a budding intellect, broken before its time, […]

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Personal Notes: I live with the thought, and the study of Dr. King all year long. No hero of mine means more to me. Few approach the level of love, graditude, and humility which overwhelm me as I consider the depth, and beauty of this man’s great work. Every year […]

MOD: lonesome american memoirs

chapters: 1, 2, more to come… Chapter One Mike’s Not a Punk Anymore In the spring of 1981 things were going great. Punk rock was enjoying a kind of revival. Just a few months before it kinda seemed like things were coming to a close. The clubs were closing up, […]