October 2018

Intellijel TETRAPAD firmware 2.0 Beta Reference Card

I’ve gone over the pdf manual of the new firmware version 2.0 beta for the Intellijel Tetrapad eurorack input control surface and produced a little cheat card to help us more efficiently learn the functions and settings for this fantastic new software update. It’s still in beta (releasing at v1.2 […]

Korg Mono/Poly with Tubbutec Modypoly upgrade reference card

KORG MONO/POLY – TUBBUTEC MODYPOLY CHEAT/REFERENCE CARD DOWNLOAD PDF FORMAT – Version 0.03 – 1.2MB – October 2018 I found the manual for the Tubbutec Modypoly CPU/MIDI upgrade to be somewhat cumbersome, making it hard for me to memorize the functions and features. So I went over the manual and […]