September 2014

Sunday Soul – Disconnected

Year 11 – Playlist 24/52 – Music for the week of September 28th 2014 This week is a personal essay about connection. No, it’s not a rant about cell phones or technology – don’t be silly, that’s all just a dying fad anyway – But rather I explored just a […]

Sunshine Jones Rocks Flammable V – Seattle, WA – September 21st 2014

Yes, I’m back in Seattle tonight, and I’m playing at Flammable. Flammable is the best thing ever, and I love it there. Find Flammable at Re-Bar I play from 12ish until 2ish and it’s gonna rule. See ya there!

March 28th Los Angeles – DSS

Dubtribe Sound System Los Angeles, CA March 28 2015

Sunshine Jones and Cole Medina – Los Angeles 2/14/15

MixTape Downey, CA February 14 2015

Bubble Round 4 – SF

BUBBLE San Francisco December 4 2014

Sunday Soul – Bring Me With You When You Go

Year 11 – Playlist 23/52 – Music for the week of September 21st 2014 This week we ponder the hero’s journey, and discover Joseph Campbell and listen to some of my favorite new head traveling music too. This weeks edition of Sunday Soul is published at 9am pacific time on […]

Sunshine Jones – Kompression – New Orleans – 27th September 2014

Saturday September 27th I’m headed down to New Orleans to play at Kompression with my dear friends Dave Jinx and Juan Mejia. It’s at the Dragon’s Den in the heart of New Orleans and it’s gonna be so much fun! See you there! Here’s the social media link for more […]

Sunshine Jones – THIS! Viva Showcase – September 21st 2014

I’m headed up to Seattle on Sunday the 21st of September to get seriously down with my people. It’s the VIVA THIS! party at the Monkey Loft, and the night before Garth and a pile of other people will be getting together and heading out into the day… Sunday’s lineup […]

Sunshine Jones – Mosaic Fall Music Festival – September 20th 2014

I’m headed to Mosaic in Raleigh, North Carolina on September 20th to play a live/dj set at the Fall Music Festival. I’m really looking forward to this, as Dharma is gone and while I’ll always miss her dearly, this Mosaic club seems like a grey crew, and maybe a new […]

Washington DC – DSS – Nov 21 2014

Dubtribe Sound System Live at Flash Friday Washington DC November 21 2014


Year 11 – Playlist 22/52 – Music for the week of September 14th 2014 This week we probe the difficult subject of anarchism and how three thinkers nearly dissolved the nation of Italy in the process of sticking up for the little guys, and I make a subtle parallel between […]


Year 11 – Playlist 21/52 – Music for the week of September 7th 2014 I write this week about Christopher Cockerell of Ripplecraft Ltd., Gene Simmons from KISS, H. P. Lovecraft (the ‘zinester and the band,) forthcoming hovercrafts, love, hope, anger and Queen Elizabeth II. I program music to make […]