February 2021

TUOC-012o TR-808 Overlay Replicant

TUOC012o / TR-808 OVERLAY REPLICANT ROLAND TR-808 RHYTHM COMPOSERCLEAR PROTECTIVE OVERLAY More than a year in the making. So many prototypes, and so many good people helping. Jeff from System-80, Ahmad from the Bayview, a sweet, creative, and very talented printer in Calgary, Alberta named Mark, and Abe Mora of […]

Tubbutec ModyPoly Midi Upgrade Cheat sheet for the Korg PolySix

I installed the Tubbutec MIDI upgrade into my beloved and engaging Korg PolySix yesterday. The install was simple, and went down without issue (you can see some of the process here if you’re interested) and while I did not choose to drill any holes in my topcase (which is getting […]

Roland MC-500B OLED Display Upgrade

ROLAND MC-500B (MkII) OLED UPGRADE The LCD display screen of my Roland MC-500 had seen better days. I opened it up to take a look and considered that I could potentially replace the light from behind the LCD and improve things, but these have a tendency to dim and die […]