July 2018

Sunset Campout 2018

I’ve been invited to join Galen and Solar and a host of other amazing artists to play a 100% live set at this year’s Sunset Campout. Never played a Sunset Party before… my debut. I am honored, and delighted to have been able to say yes! Here’s the face-page invite […]

VSL D-ENV Basic Patch Diagram

In an effort to explore and learn better about what the Vintage Synth Lab D-ENV module can do, I drew up a diagram poster of some of the basic ideas behind the module. It was fun and inspiring to really take a hard look at the ideas behind how the […]

RE-303: Build your own authentic replica of the TB-303

I spent the last week building the DinSync RE-303. The RE-303 is as exact a replica of the Roland TB-303 as is possible. The BOM is comprised of the original parts used in the TB, and the parts and boards, case, and all involved may be considered interchangeable. Naturally most […]