October 2006

Great Big Bear

Once upon a time there was a bear. He was a great big bear, and he lived in a cave by himself. He liked his cave very much. There was just about everything a great big bear could need in there. He had a warm fire, a clear stream of […]

Fear and Love went out shopping for pants

Fear and Love went shopping for new pants together. They both needed pants desperately. Fear hated to shop, and felt there was never anything that fit right, or looked good in the stores. Love was crazy about shopping, and always wanted to buy everything on the racks. Fear hadn’t considered […]

une chanson pour les pierres

He came every day. Before sunrise he would wake and dress in silence. Kissing the muslin wrap and whispering prayers, he carefully pulled the turban into place on his head. He packed his flute, a few crusts of bread, a bottle of pomegranate juice mixed with water, and a pouch […]