August 2021

Sunshine Jones – Live/DJ Set – At The Ramp – September 5th San Francisco

Hey! This Sunday (September 5th) I’m gonna be playing some records (and probably singing) at the Ramp with Ryan Stubbs, Miquel, Jayvi and Stan. I honestly can’t remember the last time I played a live/dj set in SF. Deeply missing, and much needed house classics, new music, deepness with singing […]

The Real Deal Party Feel

Are U Listed and The End Up have gotten together and are producing an event which will span 16 hours of madness and fun featuring my man DJ Three and Dubtribe (me and Moonbeam) performing a live/dj set in the booth with Atnarko Bear, Ben Annand and more! Lots and […]

Roland System-500 Patchbook Project

I’ve been slowly translating, reworking, and remixing the two basic patch books I have for the Roland SYS-500 modular synthesizer (the Roland patch book issued with the complete set, and the vintage System 100m patch examples manual from 1979) and added just a few others as well for general use, […]

DSS Orlando Oct 30th 2021

DUBTRIBE Zombie Raver Invasion Orlando, Fl OCT 30 2021

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with Brian Busto – Serious Soul – September 24th 2021 – Tampa, Florida

At last… on September 24th I’m headed back to Tampa to get with my dear one DJ Brian Busto and play a 100% live set at the Castle for Serious Soul and it’s gonna rule. It’s a tight trip, flying in the day of the event, and out of there […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live at Flammable (very special pop-up) Seattle, October 1st 20201

October 1st I am headed north to have a kind of a home coming with my dear friends Brian Lyons, Michael Manahan, and Xan Lucero at my home away from home, the best place to be in the world, Flammable. It’s a special pop-up event to gather our friends and […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Love Generator – October 2nd 2021, San Diego, California

Dance Klassique is proud to announce that our outrageously extravagant 60’s themed costume & dance party “Love Generator” is BACK Captains of our Groovy Galactic Spaceship include: Sunshine Jones – live performance Marques Wyatt Along with the superstars of ♥ : Ryan Bauer Joe Pea Terry Jasinto Gomez – DJ […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with DJ M3 & Jordan Strong August 27th At Monarch, San Francisco

San Francisco – Dear ones would you like to get together somewhere we love, somewhere that sounds amazing and dance together? Maybe not right now, but how about August 27th? Say with me playing a 100% live set, and DJ M3? I’d love that so much. Let’s do that, k? […]

TUOC-012m TR-808 Owner’s Manual Replicant Set

Here’s a limited edition replicant set of the original Roland TR-808 Owner’s Manual, Introduction, Quick Start Card, and Preset Rhythm charts for your pleasure. Re printed with love and care in the UK. At this posting there are only 16 sets remaining available. Find out more, and score your own […]