April 2021

Electric Fields – May 8 2021

ELECTRIC FIELDS – Sunshine Jones 100% – Saturday May 8th 2021 – San Francisco

ELECTRIC FIELDS SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE Saturday May 8th 2021 4pm – 10pm with my man M3 (Manny Alferez), JoeFro (back to back with) Carry On Disco, and Jymmi James We are getting together outdoors at Distrikt 6 (11th and Bryant and Division in San Francisco) for a limited occupancy […]


1. Roland CSQ-100 LOVE IS A VERB & EMPATHY IS A COLLABORATION // Here are a few of my absolute, hands down, all time, true loves. Not the kind of love that leaves me rolling around, aching on the floor because I miss it so much, but the kind of […]

Juno-60 Basic Patch Book

This is a patch book for the Roland Juno-60. It was created using the blank patch example in the Juno-60 manual. The first section is an illustration of the original factory patches and their settings. The second section is the factory patches from the Juno-6. These are also taken from […]