September 2006

The Italian Woman

There was no way that she was going to marry Vittorio Amedeo. It was out of the question. So when his family raised a serious protest at his desire to marry her on the grounds that she was the daughter of a tailor, and not a woman of breeding or […]

The Czechoslovakian Chauffeur

Jan hated to drive. His brothers had convinced him, the only member of his family with sufficient eye sight for operating a vehicle of any kind, to apply for a license. He had passed, and received his documents with ease. The family beamed and gathered to discuss their collective triumph. […]

The Czechoslovakian Count

The Count was upset about the Italian woman. He had only agreed to be nice, but this was getting out of hand. It was bad enough that the officials at the Hotel had shown him to the servant’s quarters and delivered his chauffeur to a palatial suite of rooms, but […]