February 2006

Sappho by way of Salinger

The house was gone. Two of the walls were still standing, but there were narrow little trees growing up from a bed of fallen leaves where the floor had been. The windows had long since fallen out, and there was no longer a roof, or any sign there ever had […]


He wasn’t there to hit her any more. Not that it had ever actually come to physical blows. There was the time she’d thrown the wrought iron skillet full of what might have been paella at him from across the kitchenette, but he was quick, and it only stained his […]

Sumir Shikha Shradhdha

Shikha was a difficult girl. Her parents declared when she was very young that it was likely she would never marry, and so they did not promise her to anyone. It was a matter of will. Shikha was beautiful, and often quite reasonable. Her honey-colored skin and eyes had already […]

Le jour arrive

It was very early in the morning, but the sun was already shining. Softly wiping the coffee from her lips, she collected her parcels and stepped out the door. She paused to glance back into the entrance of her home, her distant gaze unchanged as the pale orange door passed […]