May 2023

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Wednesday June 21st at the 1 Year Anniversary of STRUT SF

Wednesday June 21st Come celebrate the 1 year anniversary of STRUT SF with a 100% live set from me, with support from Ghenji & Mario Dubbz It’s a Wednesday and I’m playing late, so take your office up on some PTO, take a personal day, work from home on Thursday, […]

Din Sync RE-909 Build Guide Additional Advisory Rev D

There was a great conversation in an instagram message thread while many of us were building our DinSync RE-909 Rhythm Composers and we decided it might be helpful to everyone if someone collected the tips which really made a big difference to the builds and made some kind of a […]

Uplift! Sunshine Jones & Doc Martin – May 5th 2023 Portland, Oregon

This Friday night in Portland: UPLIFT! Manoj Mathew , Doc Martin , and me (playing 100% live for the first time in PDX since the pre tour test flight set at Folding Space in 2016 – the “3 month” tour that lasted nearly 3 years)! Very excited to return to […]