February 2008

Sunday Soul: A Belated Blooming

February 24th 2008 Broadcasting at 10pm Eastern Time and again at 10pm Pacific Time To listen: You can listen from the listen link right here at by clicking play on the flash player at the top of this very page. It’s a pop up window so you can continue […]

Sunshine Jones – February 2008 Chart

Main Thing 1. Hippie Priest Bum Out – LCD Soundsystem 2. It’s Good – Sumo 3. Jupiter Calling – Thomas Schwartz 4. Omega – Hiroshi Wantanabe 5. Hello Moon – WLD Edit – Heather Brooks 6. North East – El Carilitto 7. Ork – RTA 8. For you to see […]

Sunshine Jones – Live DJ Set featuring Michael Sultan – Denver – March 21st 2008