December 2019

JU-06 / JU-06A Patch Exchange

JU-06 / JU-06A PATCH EXCHANGE Q – Do the patches copy between devices? A – Yes, yes they do. JU-06 patches are numbered differently (JU06_PATCH1-64.PRM) than the JU-06A (JU06A_PATCH65-128.PRM) There is also the model to consider. JU-06 patch names are the same, and so in the 106 mode of the […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live – Le Salon Daomé – New Year’s Eve 2020, Montreal, Quebec

My sweet, beautiful Montreal. I’m headed back across the continent to spend a few days with you, with some of my favorite people alive, and play a 100% live set at one of my favorite nights in the world. Le Salon Daomé is a collective with the very talented Nathan […]