December 2009

Sunday Soul – cosmic love warriors – January 3rd 2010

” whatever you have in your mind – forget it. whatever you have in your hand – give it. whatever is to be your fate – face it “

Love Portfolio 12

Problem: I woke up this morning, prayed and meditated, and found myself sitting at my desk feeling the blues. I was so terribly sad I couldn’t contain my heart. Method: I printed a dozen copies of this love leaflet and spent the morning between 8:30 am and Noon putting them […]

Burning Goddesses and Shooting Diamonds – Sunshine Jones Re edits out now!

After a long dry season of live shows, amazing sets, and nothing much coming out in the music department I’ve got a new release for you at last: Burning Goddesses and Shooting Diamonds – Sunshine Jones’ Re-Edits Tracklisting: 1. Golden Years – Sunshine Jones Re-Edit 7.46 Minutes | 118 BPM […]

Sunday Soul – burning goddesses & shooting diamonds – December 27th 2009

it’s not your brain it’s just the flame

Sunday Soul – at this tent’s passing – December 20th 2009

” … The Beautiful One whom I adore has pitched His royal tent inside of you… “

Sunday Soul – man with a moustache – December 13th 2009

moustache… eyelash… la bouche…

Sunday Soul – just say uncle – December 6th 2009

just give up give in surrender say uncle