September 2019

Korg NanoKntrl2 DIY Overlays For Everyone

For a long time I’ve been looking for a way to make sense of the Korg NanoKntrl2 cheap USB/Midi controller in the dark of a performance. I’ve got a long standing love/hate relationship with these little bastards. I love them because they are inexpensive, small, and very easy to program. […]

Dreamgarden – October 19th 2019 – Los Angeles

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET DREAMGARDEN w/ Doc Martin Los Angeles, CA OCT 19 2019

The Backyard – October 12th 2019 – San Jose, California

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET The Backyard San Jose, CA OCT 12 2019

Sunshine Jones – A Love Letter To The Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up A Love Letter to the magnificent Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer. Covering the basic features of the instrument, but largely focused on the impact this drum machine had on absolutely […]


Oh my god, are you f@cking kidding me!!? I’ve been whining about the Octatrack being 8 part monophonic since I spent a year hurting my brain learning how to use it – such a crazy manual and such a different work flow – because it’s a groove box, and I […]

Sunshine Jones – 100% Live Set with M3 & Rick Preston – October 12th 2019 – Backyard Pop Up Venue – Downtown San Jose

This Saturday, October 12th, I’m packing up my spaceship and flying south to San Jose, California to reconvene with my friends Manny Alferez (DJ M3 aka Makes Me Move) and Rick Preston for a 100% live set outdoors at the pop up venue the Backyard in the heart of Downtown. […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with Doc Martin and Steve Loria – Dreamgarden – October 19th 2019 – Los Angeles

On October 19th 2019 I’m headed down to Los Angeles to play pretty much my favorite gig. Doc Martin, Steve Loria, Jorge Bernal, and a 100% live set from me in Los Angeles for Dreamgarden. This is going to be amazing. Here’s the information and event invitation on face-page I’ll […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set – Underground Souls – 13th Annual Campout – Santa Barbara, CA – October 4th – 6th 2019

I’ve been invited back down to Southern California on October 4th – 6th for the 13th annual camp out with my loves Underground Souls in the mystical Santa Barbara mountains. This is a wonderful get together of some deep, true, and delightful characters. Brilliant music, and so much love. Get […]

Roland CSQ-100/600 Root Note Adjustment and Tuning Procedure

I’ve spent the last year extensively restoring both a Roland CSQ-100 and CSQ-600 analog CV and Gate sequencer. The service notes are superb, and have been an excellent education in many things: A completely discrete A/D and D/A converter, Latches and the loops they run around a circuit board and […]

Underground Souls – 13 Year Anv. Campout – 10/05/19 Santa Barbara, CA

Sunshine Jones 100% LIVE SET UGS 13 Year Anniversary Campout Santa Barbara, CA OCT 05 2019