July 2017

Sunshine Jones – Fall In Love Not In Line – TUOC01 Pre Orders open now!

FALL IN LOVE NOT IN LINE Sunshine Jones TUOC01 12″ Vinyl pressing now accepting a limited quantity of pre orders for $12 plus shipping. Get over to The Urgency Of Change to check out the previews, and reserve your copy now… Like waking from a dream… LOVE

JP-08 – The Missing Manual

The minute I illustrated and re wrote up the missing manual for the JU-06 available with some patches hoping to encourage people to get deeper into their Roland Boutique modules, people began asking me to produce something similar for the JP-08 and the JX-03. I love a good technical illustration, […]

Roland JU-06 – The Missing Manual

I love my JU-06. Despite much criticism by those who feel that only vintage synthesizers are valid, and others who are resentful that Roland are recycling the names of classic machines in modern instruments, I feel that the Roland Aira and Boutique line of synths are something very special. On […]

A Love Letter To The SH-101

If for whatever reason the video doesn’t actually load and the above area is blank, just reload and it’ll show up A short love letter to the Roland SH-101 covering my long standing devotion to this superb mono synth. Also going briefly into detail about my search for a modern […]

Happy TR-707 Day!

Happy 707 day to my first drum machine ever. The mighty TR-707. Marshall Jefferson’s muse, the side stick that saved my life, the go to clock sequencer for the SH-101 arpeggiator and sequencer, a midi to din sync solution, the precursor to the beat step pro, and an all around […]