Sunshine Jones – Fall In Love Not In Line – TUOC01 Pre Orders open now!

Sunshine Jones

12″ Vinyl pressing now accepting a limited quantity of pre orders for $12 plus shipping.
Get over to The Urgency Of Change to check out the previews, and reserve your copy now…

Like waking from a dream…



  1. Emma Clarkson:

    Absolutely fantastic track.

  2. Jillian Philly G:

    Looking forward to pre order!!

  3. Gabe Garza:

    Can’t wait!!!!

  4. Nicky Bernardi:

    So rad… I love it!!!

  5. Tee Cardaci:

    WOOOO! ♥

  6. Antonio Del Mondo:

    Fall In Love…really!

  7. Ryan Vereen:

    You know I’m in! Ordered : )

  8. Nick Miller:

    Can’t wait!

  9. Robert Pointer:


  10. Billy Bridgewater:

    Ordered! Can’t wait to receive it!

  11. Gerald Wert:

    Love it. Will be checking the mailbox!

  12. Becky Dodson:

    Lucas Dodson want a birthday cut?

  13. Lucas Dodson:


  14. Brent Northey:

    Thank you Sunshine! This is the first piece of vinyl I have ever seen and heard performed live up and close. Awesome.

  15. Charles Skelly:

    Ordered my copy. Thank you Sunshine! : ) : )

  16. Tristan Cornish:

    Nice one brotha!

  17. Jose Quintino:

    Want a copy too! : )

  18. Neil Fox:

    Ordered ours

  19. Gary Gill:

    : )

  20. Sunshine Jones:

    What a lovely first day of pre orders! For a little while I was selling a 12″ a minute and my heart just filled right up with love and giddy excitement.
    I can’t wait to hold this record in my hands and set the needle down onto it.
    So excited!!!!

  21. Charles Skelly:

    I’m excited too. Nothing like music on wax. Thank you for doing this. I’ll buy every record you release so keep them coming.

  22. Miguel Macedo Rosa:

    * applause *

  23. Chang!:

    Sweet! i bought it, yippies! We gonna play it on our night “Analogue” a vinyl only night!

  24. Martin Allman:

    I love the previews you uploaded, played them this morning and set my day on a real positive note, which continued with Do It Now whilst getting ready for work and continued with Bryant Street for the drive to work. I hope to pre-order (will check funds) even tho I’ve no deck! Just want you to continue to produce such uplifting music. Love and respect for sticking to your guns. XXX

  25. Sunshine Jones:

    @Martin – I love you! Rest assured you’ll get your WAV’s – I promise!!!

  26. Martin Allman:

    You’re a gent! The world’s a richer place for you!

  27. I played threw it down last weekend here in Orlando at Vinyl Arts Bar, and blew the floor! Nice one Sunshine! Cant wait for the vinyl to be released!

  28. Sunshine:

    @CARLITOS – Love you Chang! You’re wonderful.
    Records are of course delayed… but they’re coming soon!!!!

  29. Sunshine:

    The production is resumed and delivery is confirmed.
    Release Date: 8/29/2017
    Simultaneous European and North American Release.

    There are still a handful of pre orders available, and they won’t last long. Go grab yours now.

  30. Sunshine:

    OUT NOW!!!

  31. Sunshine:

    It’s official:

    Just because I don’t have any more doesn’t mean you can’t get one.
    You can.

    Here’s a list of places I know for sure have copies for you:

    ///// USA

    Pacific Beach Vinyl USA

    Southtown Vinyl

    Vinyl Dreams

    ////// UK

    Piccadilly Records

    All Ears Distribution Limited

    And I know there’s a lot more. So if you stock the record, please post your links here. Looking for European, Asian, African and SEA links for people.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. OMG Thank you.
    I love you so much…

    Now on to this interesting limited edition hand made thing, the album… and a tour… yes. definitely a tour. Yes.