Sunshine Jones Selected Discography

Positions & Appointments

Director & OP – The Urgency Of Change 2014 – Present
Not for profit organization devoted to recordings, film, education, physical
object production employing at risk, and community members in recovery
and distress.

Director The San Francisco Society for Voltage Control and Design 2020- Present
Society devoted to promoting a previous vision of the future. Organize
local meet ups for education and development of electronic musicians,
and lecture series.

Artist Monarch SF Artist Residency 2020
Access to the entire SF club, Monarch, to establish an artist in residence.

Founder/Instructor PLAY LIVE! SEMINAR 2014 – Present
Free classes offered from the road and open to all to learn more about
live improvisational electronic music. Lecture, demonstration, and Q&A

Performing Artist/Broadcaster – Sunday Soul 2005 – 2016
A weekly digital transmission featuring 5 hour performance based on a
theme, with poster art and post script essay, occasional interviews, and

Transmitted from rooftops in Tokyo, Basements in Washington DC,
Hotel Rooms in New York City, and the Treehouse in San Francisco
on and archived at

Director Treehouse Muzique 2005 – 20014
Record Label specializing in Re-Edit and Reworks of classic recordings
and new releases

Founder The San Francisco Late Night Coalition 1999 – 2003
Organized group of club owners and promoters with the mission of
defending night clubs against real estate development, and police
interference, and to assist with the licensing process for new venues,
events and festivals. We saved 1015 Folsom, The End Up, and more.

Founder/OP Imperial DUB Recordings 1996 – 2006
San Francisco based record label, monthly event, and international touring crew

Founder/Partner Dubtribe Sound System 1989 – 2005
Musical Group, touring company, recording artists.


HOME – Sunshine Jones – The Urgency Of Change – 2018
Belle Ame Electronique – Sunshine Jones – King Street – 2013
Gas Masks & Crazy-Girls – Sunshine Jones – Cosmic Disco – 2012
Seven Tracks in Seven Days – Sunshine Jones – King Street – 2009
Baggage – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB (US, Canada) – Defected (EU, UK, AU) – PVines (Japan) 2003
Bryant Street – Dubtribe Sound System – Jive Electro (USA) – BMG (World Wide) 1999
Versions – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB (web) – Organico (Unreleased) 1995
Selene Songs – Dubtribe Sound System – Organico 1994
Sound System – Dubtribe Sound System – Organico 1993


COHORT – Various Artists – The Urgency Of Change
From Deep Site With Love – DeepSite Recordings
Archive Volume One – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings
Archive Volume Two – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings

Selected 12″ Singles

FALL IN LOVE NOT IN LINE (Remixes) – Sunshine Jones – The Urgency Of Change
FALL IN LOVE NOT IN LINE – Sunshine Jones – The Urgency Of Change
Same Mistakes – Sunshine Jones – Oh! Stockholm (Video)
Fall Down – Sunshine Jones – The Urgency of Change (Video)
The Absurdity of Possession – Sunshine Jones – King Street (Video)
If I Could Have You – Sunshine Jones Version – Futurewife – Viva
The Sky Is Full Of Stars – Sunshine Jones – Cosmic Disco
It’s all in my head – Sunshine Jones – Sublevel
Higher – Sunshine Jones – Treehouse Muzique
I Surrender – Sunshine Jones – King Street Sounds – Nite Grooves
Dirty Love – Sunshine Jones – Treehouse Muzique
Come To Me – Sunshine Jones – Treehouse Muzique
It’s all in my head – Sunshine Jones – SubLevel
Rock The Box – Sunshine Jones – Treehouse Muzique
Tara Meditation – Sunshine Jones – Treehouse Muzique
We Are Free / Distant Vision – Sunshine Jones – King Street Sounds – Nite Grooves
I Believe – Sunshine Jones – King Street Sounds – Nite Grooves
Do it now – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings, Defected
Nothing Is Impossible – Dubtribe Sound System – Defected
Breeze… – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings
Samba DUB – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings
Equitoreal – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings, Jive, BMG
Unlovable – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings
El Regalo De Amor b/w What You Feel In Your Heart Makes You Happy – Dubtribe Sound System – Guidance Recordings
Momentito Por Favor ep – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings
We Used To Dance – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings
Funky Back Home – Dubtribe Sound System – Organico
Sunshine’s Theme – Dubtribe Sound System – Organico
Mother Earth – Dubtribe Sound System – Organico

Selected Remixes

Acid Sun – Sunshine Jones Rework – ETI – Wicked
Run Riun Run – Dragonette – Playground
Give Me Some More – Sunshine Jones Rework – Mike Perras – Basic
Down The Road – Soul Minority – Kolour Recordings
Mi Tributo al Sistema de Sonido de Miel – Sunshine Jones Version – SubPlot
Miracles – Sunshine Jones Rework – Whiskey Disco
Lover Girl – Re Edit – Sunshine Jones – Whiskey Disco
Hubabuba – Hubabuba – Sunshine Jones Remix – Oh! Stockholm
Sunday Lover – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – John Walker
Water Business – Sunshine Jones Remix – Max Essa – Brown Eyed Boyz
Sky Come Down – Sunshine Jones Stripped Mix – Ganga
Blueroad – Sunshine Jones Remix – Mastercris – Seamless
Hubbabubba – Sunshine Jones Remix – Dana Bergquist – Oh! Stockholm
Soul Touching – Sunshine Jones Remix – Statedlife – Selekta Recordings
Peak Time – Sunshine’s Extended Disco Version – Native Intelligence – Rock It Science
Cause I Know – Sunshine’s Revisionist Vocal – The Groovers – Pack Up And Dance
Future – Sunshine Jones Revision Version – Halo – Siesta
Soñando Contigo – Sunshine Jones Extended Remix – Kiko Navarro – Defected
Longtime (Sunshine Jones Remix) – Jaswho? – Re:Droid TMG
Eye 2 Eye (Sunshine Jones Remix) – Jaswho? – Re:Droid TMG
Love You Inside Out – Sunshine’s Hustle Up Mix – Cole Medina
Sweet Love (Sunshine’s Stripped Mix) – Melou
Transitions (Sunshine’s vocal version from the pulpit) – Dennis Ferrer – King Street
Black Soulsista (Sunshine’s Disco Re Edit) – Valencia Robbinson – Bootleg
Meditereaneo (Sunshine’s Extended Headspace Mix) – Dr. Beat – Eskimo
Rideline (Sunshine’s Cielo Remix) – Dubtribe Sound System – Cielo
My Sunshine (Sunshine’s Extended Version) – Block 16 – Virgin
Jiva (Sunshine’s Extended Tribal Version) – Brenda Fasse – Virgin
Tomorrow in your eyes (Dubtribe Extended DUB) – Terry Callier – Chillifunk
Lovin’ Me (Dubtribe Sound System Extended Version) – BRS – Imperial DUB/Peng
Lost Love (Dubtribe Sound System Remix) – Rinoscerous – Virgin
Say I Love You (Dubtribe Sound System Extended Revision) – Hesohi – Imperial DUB
Breeze… (Sunshine’s Extended Disco Version) – Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB
Gospel Song (Dubtribe Sound System Remix) – Glasgow Underground – GU
Deep In The Feeling (Dubtribe Sound System ReWork) – Aquarhythms – Astralwerks

Production Credits

Dublevel – Sublevel Recordings
Trip’Ta’Funk – Ultra Ethereal Records, Green Label, Imperial DUB Recordings
Dr. DUB – Imperial DUB Recordings
Vanilla Fudge – Imperial DUB Recordings
Hesohi – Imperial DUB Recordings
Dubtribe Sound System – Imperial DUB Recordings, Jive Electro, BMG, Defected
Spiral Jones – Imperial DUB Recordings
Finness – Imperial DUB Recordings
Blackstone – Imperial DUB Recordings
Soulforce – Imperial DUB Recordings

Included on Compilations (incomplete)

Phono Obscura – The Sun – Sunshine’s DLAMB Remix – Hallucination Ltd.
My World As They Remixed it – Dennis Ferrer
Back To Mine : Everything But The Girl
Body & Soul NYC Volume 3
Late Night Sessions – Farley & Heller
Fabrik Volume II
Twilo Volume One: Junior Vasquez
Ministry of Sound Presents: Tanny Tennaglia
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Claudio Coccoluto
Mellow Moods: Knowledge of Nature
Dr. Bob Jones – Inspirational Dance
Stuart Patterson – Soulsonic
Headkandi – Beach House
The Guidance Collection
Disco Kandi Volume 5
Garage City
Eskimo Volume III
HiFidelity House
Essential Selection Presents: The Clubber’s Bible
Base Ibiza
The Incrdible Sound of Giles Peterson
Pacha – The World’s Most Famous Club Sound
Urb Mix Volume 1: Flamable Liquid – Doc Martin
United States of Ambience
Trance Atlantic Express Volume 2
Brother’s Gonna Work It Out – Chemical Brothers
Mix Mag Live! Vol. 17
Forbidden Paradise Volume 5
The Original Chillout album
UK Tribal Gathering 95
Digital Empire Volume 1
Digital Empire Volume 3
02:30AM – Zurich By House
Ritmo Suave
San Fran Sicko
Copa Mundial Muzique
21st Century Musical Guidance
West Cost Vibe Volume Three
Imperial DUB Recordings Volume One – Mixed by Mark Farina
Imperial DUB Recordings Volume Two – Mixed by Doc Martin
Imperial DUB Recordings Volume Three – Mixed by Jenö