January 2008

Mr. Friendly throws like a girl

Tomorrow night tonight the fourth and final season of Lost begins. Here’s what you missed Can you stand it? I can’t stand it.

Welcome February…

This sunday, February 3rd brings back my favorite dance party in the world. Sunday Soul returns and this week the theme is Sweet Love…. Chosen in honor of a remix I’m just about done with by a wonderful band called Melou of their fantastic song by the same name (I […]

Doin’ it

Just imagine what we could do… [audio:|titles=woolfy is the shit!] Together – Woolfy

Sunshine Jones – January 2008 Chart

Ultimate Love – Dub Mix – Stan Kolev Breathe Deeper – Sequential Soul Bring on the night – TroDeep Remix – Cloudkickers ADSR – Mecanique The Secret Field – Todd Tejre Remix – Kaoru Inoue Spiritual High – Cloud 9 Mix – Joe Rizla Higher – Handmade Mix – Sunshine […]

Thirty Tracks that rocked my box in 2007

2007 is about to flicker out… I can’t say I am sad to see it go, I keep chanting to myself in moments of pure shock at the world around me “Only 11 more months baby… 11 more months” which usually produces a smile on my face, and everyone around […]