June 2020

Roland System 500 Basic Manuals (Sunshine Jones Remixes)

I’m a big fan of the Roland System-500 modular synthesizer. I adore it. After years of wishing that the company who gave us the SH-101, SH-2, Juno-60, Jupiter-8 and TB-303 would one day produce another analog synthesizer, and years of pouring over brochures of the System-100m, and the impossibly expensive […]

Roland SYS-500 Updated Patch Sheet

This morning I thought I’d make an effort to break from my usual modular habits and take a closer look at the Roland System 500 patch examples. I love the system 500. While it’s definitely eurorack format, and each module is a separate module which can be included in any […]

Jupiter-4 CV/Gate Mod

JUPITER-4 CV/GATE MOD // I’ve been hearing the tale, and occasionally seen a photo of a modified JP-4 with 8 jacks installed to control the voice cards via CV/Gate and to use the keyboard (and the arpeggiator) as a controller. Like having a Jupiter-4 and a Polyphonic 4CV Module 184 […]