January 2017

Country Club Cabana: A Disco Katz Retreat

I’ve been invited to join my compañeros Terry Mullen, David Harness, Tobin Ellsworth, Benjamin K, Kimmy Le Funk, Elz, Derek Hena, James Houdini, e’Lish, Wes Charles, Matt Trujillo, ADDELI, Jonboy, Jeremy Rosebrook, Alec De Rietzes and the Disco Katz crew for a weekend adventure in majestic and remote Ahwahnee, California […]

Southtown Vinyl 1 Year Anniversary Celebration – San Antonio, Texas – March 25th 2017

On March 25th 2017 I have the distinct privilege of heading back to San Antonio to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Southtown Vinyl with Doc Martin, Tommy Newman, Chacho, Gabe, Garth and more! This is gonna be a blast. If you missed out on my live tour, or caught […]

Dance Klassique 17 Year Anniversary Bash! – February 15th 2017

I’m headed south, hot on the heels of St. Valentine’s day to spend Wednesday with my brothers at Dance Klassique. They’re on fire these days and I’m going to bring my whole thing and play a completely live set for you. If you’re anywhere near San Diego make sure you […]

Southtown Vinyl Synth Meetup II

I’m headed to San Antonio a day early to participate in the Southtown Vinyl 1 Year anniversary celebration by showing up at the monthly synth meetup. I’ll be bringing out my modular and ready and willing to go over everything from “what the hell is eurorack?” to “what do all […]

Sunshine Jones – HOME – Help Make This Film

HELP MAKE THIS FILM: Donate to the fund and in return receive an advance preview of the full piece, the chance to be acknowledged for your contribution in the film’s credits, and a special invitation to the premiere event in San Francisco. CONTRIBUTE TO THE FUND: $10 donation – receive […]

Ambika: Build your own polysynth

In 2015 I made a decision to perform live again. I’d devoted the previous decade to what I called a “live/DJ set” where I would use CDJ and/or Traktor to mix music, stems, and sound together and use my voice over the top to sing, chant, incite, and love the […]