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Donate to the fund and in return receive an advance preview of the full piece, the chance to be acknowledged for your contribution in the film’s credits, and a special invitation to the premiere event in San Francisco.

$10 donation – receive advance access to watch the film online
$25 donation – receive a thank you in the credits (and an advance viewing link)
$75 donation – receive a tour t-shirt (men’s or women’s style s, m, l, xl) as well as all of the above.
$100 donation – receive a producer credit (and advance viewing, a thank you in the credits and an invitation to the premier event in San Francisco too!)
$150 donation – receive a tour t-shirt and all of the producer credit thanks you gifts as well!

Send your contributions to Martha Traer’s production fund:
via paypal: sales[at]treehousemuzique[dot]com
Or if you don’t use paypal, please make a donation from using your debit or credit card.
100% of your donations will go to Martha to further the cause of making this longer and more in depth piece for us.

If you didn’t catch any of the wonderful micro documentaries of the 2016 Live Ground Tour it’s not too late. You can check out my personal tour information page here:
And scroll to the bottom for the video work she’s done from the road.

This is a really thrilling prospect, and my heart is full of gratitude and love. I can’t wait to share this experience with you both live in the club, and up on the screen.


  1. Jesadohe Teknohed:

    Hitting u up on payday !!! Yes !!!

  2. Mike Mosgaard:

    Can we get a free autographed horse head mask with every $100 donation?

  3. Laura Lee:

    Love you Martha Traer and Sunshine Jones…….exciting!!!!

  4. Neil Fox:

    Can I put this in our Furthur Family group. I bet a bunch of people there would be interested

  5. Ken Kendo Marrero:


  6. Jen Littlz:

    yaaaaaaaaaay! ♥

  7. Rosa Costanza:

    This is super great! Go Martha!

  8. Martin Allman:

    Looks like someone I know! Will make a donation later!

  9. Lindsey Russell:

    This is a fav pict of course! You rock Martha!

  10. Kate A. Cleaves:

    I’m in! Just let me know where to donate ♥ so much love to you both xxoo

  11. I’m in!

  12. Bo Stansfield:

    How much for the t-shirt?

  13. Sunshine Jones:

    @Bo – We decided not to make a t-shirt. The album will be released at the same time as the film(ish) and so there will be treats for the album too, but the film wants to have its own audience, and its own resources, so my personal merchandise is something else – does that make sense? I think that it’s sound thinking to keep Martha’s work independent from mine, even though in this case Martha’s work is about me (and her.)

  14. Sunshine Jones:

    I’m naturally the soundtrack for this film… I’ve chosen one of the hands down favorites of the tour to become sort of the theme music for the entire film. I will score the picture, and also produce a protracted, and wildly elaborate version of the song (Fall In Love Not In Line) and extrapolate for all sorts of moods and tones, depths and textures for Martha (and Christopher I hope) to mix into the audio soundtrack and really create something special.

    In terms of a sound track – the material I played live on this tour was previously unrecorded, and I am in the process of recording it now. This material is my new album, and the start of a new label for me.
    The first single was intended to be “Fall in love, not in line” and so I will do my very very best to fold all this up together and then open it up into a film soundtrack, as well as a debut single so that there could potentially be a soundtrack release digitally, as well as a 12″ single/ep for vinyl lovers all at the same time.

    I will set this as my intention, and we’ll see how it all comes together. Cool?

  15. Martin Allman:

    Cool? Uber! Tres! Mucho! Oh yeah!

  16. Joshua Bandy:

    I’ve donated, but if I can help with audio post, sound design, mixing, or anything else please don’t hesitate to ask.

  17. Lindsey Russell:

    I cannot wait for this! The best grooves I’ve heard! So happy I got to dance with you and Martha you to your new incredibly brilliant music

  18. Dennis Racette:

    Really exiting stuff… will be wonderful I’m certain.

  19. Sean Kimbro:

    Definitely gonna donate when I get done with this. Also this photo of Martha is hilarious

  20. Sunshine Jones:

    @ Sean – It’s Martha’s impersonation of me. Love.

  21. Nina Gates:

    Wowie Zowie!

  22. Rosa Costanza:

  23. Mike Perras:


  24. Lindsey Russell:

    I have one comin’

  25. Nancy Monarrez:

    You got it! ♥ Looking forward to watching it.

  26. Jonathan Condit:

    After all that you have given us, a donation is more than deserving. Thank you, Sunshine and good luck with the film!

  27. Patton Gibson:

  28. Martha Traer:

    Thank you!

  29. Patton Gibson:

    @Martha – Its an honor and a privileged. If you don’t meet your goal I hope you will repost. This is a film that certainly deserves to be made, and you have such a talent for it.

  30. Emily White:

    Done (a few days ago)! Did you get it?

  31. Sunshine Jones:

    @Emily White – Yes! Thank you.

  32. Martha Traer:

    @Emily – Thank you!!!

  33. Casey Niemann: