Southtown Vinyl Synth Meetup II

I’m headed to San Antonio a day early to participate in the Southtown Vinyl 1 Year anniversary celebration by showing up at the monthly synth meetup.
I’ll be bringing out my modular and ready and willing to go over everything from “what the hell is eurorack?” to “what do all those wires do?” and absolutely sure not to miss any questions about how things work, what they sound like and how to begin…
I’ll be featuring the magnificent modules from my beloved friends at Intellijel, Doepfer, ALM, DOBOZ, Mutable Instruments, Grayscale, and Mannequins. I’m not an expert, nor do I think I know anything, but I am coming to show up, and set up and talk this out because I don’t want to be a square wave (no, wait, I do want to be a square wave… um… no, I’ll be there.)