November 2012

Sunday Soul – Hidden In The Sky – March 10th 2013

” Greet Yourself In your thousand other forms As you mount the hidden tide and travel Back home. All the hemispheres in heaven Are sitting around a fire Chatting While stitching themselves together Into the Great Circle inside of You. “ To Listen: At 9pm in San Francisco, (which is […]

Sunshine Jones + Hesohi – March 2nd 2013 – Cleveland, Ohio

I’m playing in Cleveland with my dear and talented friend Hesohi on March 2nd. I think it’s gonna be great. Looking forward to this. Here’s the facebook event information

Rhapsody – Sunshine Jones & Jasun Lovejoy – February 14th 2013, Denver

I am headed to Denver on Valentine’s Day this year to play a very special night with my friend Jaysun Lovejoy. Together we will create a magically romantic evening, and call the goddess of love and dance to open all of our hearts wider. Please join us! Here’s the facebook […]

Sunday Soul – ENDLESSLY – February 3rd 2013

” Take my face in your warm hands and kiss me. Kiss me like you’re going to die if you don’t. Until we don’t know where we are. Until we can’t remember our names. “ To Listen: At 9pm in San Francisco (which is Midnight in Manhattan, and a sleepy […]

Flawless In February – Sunshine Jones and Tre Damit – February 8th 2013 – Reno Nevada

I’m playing in Reno at Salon 215 South on February 8th with Tre. Aaron Karcher and his family are hosting this event, and I’m really looking forward to it. here is the facebook event info

Dubtribe Live – February 1st 2013 – Arcata, Ca

Dubtribe Sound System are performing live up in Humboldt County, California on February 1st. The people up there are such good heads, and they love music and dancing. We are really, really looking forward to this. Here’s the facebook invitation if you’re going to be in the area and would […]

Dubtribe Sound System – Live in Regina, SK – January 26th 2013

Dubtribe are making their way back up to the middle of Canada for a special night with Luke from Nordic Tracks, and a handful of locals. We missed out on the festival last summer, and so we are coming back for this special night to make it up to the […]

Sub Level Space Explorer New Years Eve 2012

I’m playing in Los Angeles with Doc Martin and the Wicked Crew at Sublevel’s Space Explorer Party for New Years Eve this year! ::::::Space Conductors for the night are:::::: Doc Martin (Sublevel) Feat Lillia (Sublevel Live) Jëno (Wicked) Garth (Wicked) Markie Mark (Wicked) Sunshine Jones (Sunday Soul/Dubtribe Sound System ) […]