Sunday Soul – ENDLESSLY – February 3rd 2013

” Take my face in your warm hands and kiss me. Kiss me like you’re going to die if you don’t. Until we don’t know where we are. Until we can’t remember our names. “

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  1. Sunshine:

    Sunday Soul is live now!
    Join us

  2. Sunshine:

    All done for this week. Thank you for listening.
    Good night!

  3. Sunshine:

    The expression “make out” used to mean to succeed, or to accomplish a task. For example one might ask you “How’d you make out?” and not be asking you how you kissed another person, rather, they would be asking you how it went. These days people call it “hooking up” when they mean to discretely describe that they sat on a couch and pawed at someone for a while. Sometimes it means more, but then I’d have to say something like “heavy petting” and describe what that means and I hate that expression and I don’t want to talk about it.

    A kiss is the act of pressing one’s lips against the lips or other body parts of another person or of an object. So in theory you could “kiss” anything. You can kiss me, you can kiss the wall, you can even kiss somebody’s ass. In certain cultures kissing the ground upon arrival is a deeply spiritual experience, in other cultures everyone is kissing everyone not once, not just twice, but three times every time they come or go from a get together, and in some places no one is kissing anyone – ever. A kiss is the line that escorts and hustlers draw between themselves and their clients to de mark the social line between human intimacy and romance. So you can have sex with them, but there will be no kissing because that’s just too personal. Some people kiss on the cheek, some people kiss on the lips, some people kiss in the air over your shoulder. Some people kiss with their tongues, some people pucker up their lips, some people open their mouths, some people just make a little sound. Some people slobber all over you, some people shove their tongues down your throat as far as they can and them move it around a lot, some people call that a French kiss, but I have never met a French person who would ever agree to that in a million years. Some people kiss everyone, other people refuse to kiss anyone, some people don’t kiss on the first date, other people think that if you don’t kiss them on the first date that you don’t like them and there will never be another date, and still other people believe that if you kiss them on the first date then you’re too easy and that awakens a sexual and/or socially ambiguous feeling within them which they can not resolve, and thus they “get the wrong idea” and either expect to spend the night, or promptly and summarily judge you and never come back around to darken your door again.

    Whatever you do, and whatever you like, and whatever it means to you, a kiss is an intimate gesture which has been around since human beings discovered their mouths. We kiss the rings of kings, we kiss the cheeks of children, we kiss the forehead of our gods, we kiss the walls, rocks and stones of our cultural landmarks, we kiss our employer’s ass, we kiss the hands of diplomats and beautiful ladies, we kiss our pets, we love to pucker up our lips and demonstrate that we have feelings. The little wet sting of cool air where your lips were comes away with me for a few moments, and often reminds me hours later of our intentions and your affection for me.

    Kissing is wonderful.

    I wanted to express that feeling I get when I actually want to kiss someone. That feeling which wells up within me, and rises into action, is often called back by doubts, and then overwhelms me with warmth and desire. My lips lean in and yours reciprocate, and we kiss. Our lips meet, and part, and then meet again. If we begin with our eyes open, they eventually close, hands and breath, faces, and cheeks, lips and teeth, tongues and sweet little sounds give way to emotion which flows between us, and rises and lingers, dances like light, and time stops, and only love and breath seem to flow.

    I once was sitting at the northern beach of the San Francisco bay in the dark with another punk rocker, her name was Kerri, and we’d walked from the Fillmore all the way over to the beach. We sat together for a little while without talking and then her hand slipped into mine. I looked over to see if it was real, but it was dark so I couldn’t see. So I leaned in. Strangely and inappropriately my mouth began to water – which I hope you can understand – but it was difficult to navigate all this new spit in my mouth and try to kiss her for the first time all at the same time, but I managed. We kisses and we kissed and we kissed. The next time I opened my eyes the sun had completely risen up in the sky, and neither one of us had any sense at all of how long we’d been sitting, and then laying in the sand and kissing one another. We looked breathlessly into each others eyes, her face rough and scratched from my youthfully unshaven face (does peach fuzz really leave razor marks?) and my face was pink from her smeared, dark red lipstick. We laughed, and we started kissing again.

    I could have died right there on that little strip of beach. Time stopped forever, and meant absolutely nothing to me anymore.

    I wanted to weave a tapestry for you which travelled from the moments before the first kiss all the way through the millions of places a heart, a mind, and a body might go along the journey of the make out… No pants or shoes are removed, we only dance around the edges, and revel in the kisses.

    Attendance was wonderful, and I completely ignored the chat because I couldn’t understand what anyone was talking about. I’m sad that the chat has changed into a free flowing yammer instead of a focused and intimate gathering, but I understand that’s the way of the inter-web these days. We seem to have lost the art of asking question and waiting for responses, active listening, and loving interaction. That’s a piece, just a little piece, of why I wanted to attempt this theme in the first place. I wanted to kiss you for hours. I wanted to keep my pants on. I wanted to see where my heart, and my mind might go if all I were to do was pucker up my lips and let my heart explode…

    Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – ENDLESSLY

    1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    * Intro
    2. All That You Give (Album Version) – The Cinematic Orchestra
    * don’t ever stop kissing me
    3. You’re Not the Only One – Aya
    4. Uptown – Fathead Johnson Remix – MIshakov Grouper
    5. Just Be Good To Mario (Hold On For Love Dub) – The Revenge
    6. Call Me Tonight (Greg Wilson Version) – Ilija Rudman
    7. Escape From New York – Filipsson
    8. U WANT 2 – AM/TM
    9. Like I Can – The New Black
    10. Love You Inside Out – Sunshine’s hustle up mix – The Pinches
    11. Doing What I Got – Isaac Tichauer
    12. Set Me Loose – Lexx Remix – Woolfy vs. Projections
    13. Natal – Ejeca
    14. Zombie Tropicana – Hannulerauri
    15. Waiting for a Girl Like You – Virgin Magnetic Material Remix – Foreigner
    16. No To Love – Ewan Pearson’s Permissive Society Remix – Jessie Ware
    17. Ocean – Ray Mang remix – 2020 Soundsystem
    18. Looking For The Real Thing – Kurt & Russell
    19. Are You Hiding – Son of Sound Mix – Ganga feat Annemarie Zimakoff
    20. Listen – Chopstick & John Jon
    21. A Lover’s Holiday – 12″ version – Change
    22. Clouds – Moplen Classic Mix – Chaka Khan
    23. Dee Baby – Satin Jackets
    24. Feel What You Want – Phonique feat. Rebecca
    * Endlessly
    25. Song for Kezia – Dub Mix – Enne
    26. Low Point – Roberto Rodriguez
    27. Mendocino – Costa Sonido
    28. If You Only Knew – Finnebassen
    29. Fall Down – Nomad in the Dark remix – Sunshine Jones
    30. It’s Not Me It’s You – Sunshine’s 120 Straight Re edit – Submotion Orchestra
    31. Electrikiss – K Scope
    * precious and rare
    32. Let Love Decide – Wehbba Remix – X-Press 2
    33. The End Of It All – John Tejada
    34. Claire – Clarian & Guy Gerber
    35. Kiss The World Away – Vas Floyd
    36. Boys Of The Summer – Lord Of The Isles Depth Charge Re Shape – Don Henley
    37. Heart Of Wax – Heart Of Crystal Mix – Vanessa Daou
    38. Love Love Love – Aeroplane Mix – Low Motion Disco
    39. Shine A Light – Flight Facilities Remix – The C90s
    40. Can You Kiss Me First – College
    41. Float Through Stars – The Funky Lowlives
    42. Endlessly – Sandboy Remix – Clara Hill
    43. Jericho – Weekend Players
    44. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    45. Europe Endless – Kraftwerk
    46. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    Total Running Time: 04 Hours 06 Minutes 54 Seconds
    * Performed Live

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  4. Zen:

    Awe… about the chat… But it’s so very true… And understood… It’s impossible to cultivate a connection with the yabber and rigamarole… It’s an amazing opportunity… But I certainly do not want to dilute or contribute to any loss connections again…You superseded the noise regardless… And I thank you for giving yourself and being open.