October 2008

Sunday Soul: HOLLOW INSIDE: November 2nd 2008

What can’t they be? Was that yellow one, lying there hollow and open, not the rind of a fruit in which the very same yellow was its more intense and darkening juice? And was this other undone by its opening, since, so exposed, its ineffable pink has picked up lilac’s […]

I wanna kiss you all over…

Heart aches, headspace, confusion, fear, hassle, tussle, nightmares, and sweet kisses… it’s been a busy week. I am more than ready to head out to Seattle for a serious get down tonight. But wherever I go, whatever I do, however I hurt, or however loud I’m laughing… it’s true baby, […]

Sunday Soul: Bad Kisser: October 26th 2008

I wanna kiss you all over, and over again… Listen with your mouth At 10pm in San Francisco (which is 1am in Manhattan, and a bad breath 6am in London) you can head over to and click the big play button. For a little bit more of a sophisticated […]

Uniting Souls & UHF 8 Year Anniversary: October 25th 2008

How awesome is this? Me, Doc, Lillia, and Matt Corwine in Seattle to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Uniting Souls and UHF! Dude.

Sunshine Jones: Live/DJ Set at Plasma Lounge: November 7th 2008

Im headed back to Gainesville soon, and this time I’ll be throwing down with the wonderfully talented Courtney K at Plasma Lounge. Technically it’s Simon’s anniversary, but we’re not celebrating it this year, instead we’re gonna get up and get down at Plasma and shake the electronic soul from the […]

Sunshine Jones: live/dj set at Blue Lounge, Miami November 6th 2008

It’s been a minute since I got down in Miami. I am delighted to make the scene at Blue Lounge. Inbal and Baby Sean are spinning with me and we’re gonna shake it! Come make the scene. Let’s show ’em what a little bélle âme electronique can do!

Sunday Soul: Toronto: featuring special guest Hal Wong: October 12th 2008

Broadcasting at 10pm eastern time this week Featuring special guest: Hal Wong To Listen At 10pm in Toronto (which is 10pm in Manhattan, and a groovy 3 am in London) you can head over to and click the big play button. For a little bit more of a sophisticated […]