June 2019

Sunshine Jones 100% Live Set with John Kelley and more – Special Event in DTLA – July 7th 2019

I’m headed to Los Angeles after the 4th this summer for a very special event with New Weirdoing Order in a very special location in Downtown Los Angeles. Here’s the event invitation from face-page I’m playing a 100% live set along side a really unique combination of house, techno and […]

Sunshine Jones 100% Live with the Mercury Soul Ensemble – June 14th 2019

SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE WITH AN ORCHESTRA!!! // Next Friday night – June 14th 2019 In the gloriously filthy little basement of @monarchsf (best place ever!) I am going to perform a live set with the mercury soul ensemble! Are you fucking kidding me!!!??? Whaaat!!!??? It’s true. Dj Mason Bates […]