April 2006

The right thing

She had been beautiful. She was still beautiful even though you could tell she didn’t think so. Her face was broad, and the lines of time creased her lips and the corners of her deep, sad eyes. When she was younger, an newly married she had made a decision to […]

Journey’s end

They walk in a line, never touching, never looking up. Each one of them carries the weight of their own hearts. Dragging the tails of the cotton robes draped around them in the muddy tracks behind them, they walk. Some carry baskets, some have cords of lumber tied across their […]

N’exist pas

We were introduced at a party that my friend Rosen had thrown at his apartment. I don’t usually go to parties, and definitely not dinner parties. I love the idea of civilized people sitting around a table sharing a meal and a wonderful conversation, but it doesn’t usually go down […]