May 2024

Sunshine Jones 100% Live at Lightning In A Bottle 2022

SUNSHINE JONES 100% LIVE At Lightning In A Bottle 2022 A live recording is now available to stream, or purchase a WAV copy (cut into it’s aggregate tracks) for your pleasure and joy. // This experience was so heavy, and so real that this archive really had to be released. […]

Be The Best Folk Singer You Can Be – Interview

Before we get into it, here’s some thinking: Just as I have begun to doubt all of this, my speakers need to be calibrated, the recordings were great in the club, and people loved them (like freaking out loved them), I secretly began to suspect that the expense of this […]

Dubtribe – September 15th Harvest Festival, Ontario Canada

Dubtribe Special Live Set And DJ Sets (5 hours) Harvest FestivalOntario, Canada Sept 15 2024

Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival – June 20th – 23rd 2024

On June 20th I am headed up into the woods of Northern Washington State to gather with some of the loveliest people I know for the Cascadia Arts and Music Festival. It begins before it begins. Michael and Jamie are getting married. I will be in attendance, but then the […]

Sunshine Jones Special DJ Set – Simon’s Birthday! May 26th, Jacksonville, Florida

On May 26th I’m headed down to Florida with my records and a microphone to celebrate my friend Simon’s birthday! Simon and I go all the way back, and he’s a lovely man, and a dear friend. What’s most exciting about this event is that Simon is actually going to […]