Sunshine Jones Special DJ Set – Simon’s Birthday! May 26th, Jacksonville, Florida

On May 26th I’m headed down to Florida with my records and a microphone to celebrate my friend Simon’s birthday!
Simon and I go all the way back, and he’s a lovely man, and a dear friend. What’s most exciting about this event is that Simon is actually going to play a set with me. This is a thrill. Legendary club Simon’s in Gainesville was started with him playing modern, alternative dance music for his friends. This grew quickly out of control and became a beacon of celebration in one of the most unlikely places to find one. I’m thrilled to be heading southeast to celebrate my amazing friend’s birthday!

The event will be May 26th at Myth Nightclub in Jacksonville

If you’re within 150 miles of Jacksonville, Florida at the end of the month, I’d love to see you there!
Simon’s for life!

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