April 2014

Sunday Soul – Absentiae – Playlist 2/52 for the week of April 27th 2014

Sunday Soul – Absentiae Playlist 2/52 Music for the week of April 27th 2014 Live now at Enjoy!

Sunday Soul – Soul Revival

Beginning Sunday April 20th 2014 Sunday Soul is revived. Every Sunday there will be a new playlist for you, new art, and an essay to consider. Sometimes I’ll offer up a live performance, or another form of special event, but it will be there for you every week for the […]

Sunshine Jones – Fall Down – Video

Here is my debut music video: Fall Down by Sunshine Jones Directed by Martha Traer Featuring Krylon Superstar, Jamie Nabrynski, Jay Williams, Jamie Yates, Jack Raynard, Christopher Gaunt, Shawna Seth, Julie Joules, and more. This song is released in several forms and with many remixes on Cosmic Disco Records From […]

Sunshine Jones – One House Head Trip – Exclusive Mix for Manuscript Recordings

I just delivered this mix for Manuscript Recordings: Listen Here Enjoy!

Sunshine & Markie at the TOP – April 3rd 2014

I’m opening up for Markie at the TOP on Haight Street this Thursday night My set is 11-12 and Markie takes over from 12 until close… Markie told the cats from Bubble that he wasn’t going to play unless they hung the original TOP sign over the new Underground SF […]