Sunday Soul – Soul Revival

Beginning Sunday April 20th 2014 Sunday Soul is revived.

Every Sunday there will be a new playlist for you, new art, and an essay to consider. Sometimes I’ll offer up a live performance, or another form of special event, but it will be there for you every week for the foreseeable future.

You can test the proof of concept playlist which is posted now, or wait for the set to post tomorrow at 11am.

Don’t call it a revival, even though I am, let’s just say I missed you.

See you sunday!

One Comment

  1. Sunshine:

    Heads up:

    This program is posted now and is live for your pleasure.
    A 20 track set, an essay on the theme, and this wonderful artwork. For your pleasure at

    It will be there until next Sunday when it will be replaced with a new program.