May 2008

Sunday Soul: 128 : June 1st 2008

Join me for the last in a series of numerical explorations from 112 to 128 We dive into something more minimal, stripped back, with energy and lust. To listen Head over to at 10pm pacific time and click the big huge play button. It’s as simple as that. If […]

A week out east…

Sunday morning I am flying away to Florida for the week. I’m playing a live – dj set at Jask and Chang’s bi-weekly gathering called The Sunday Sermon at the Kenedy in Tampa. It’s memorial day weekend, so it looks like this is going to be a complete blow out. […]

Look who’s number one on Doc Martin’s chart!

It feels so good to know that DJ’s I’ve known and loved for decades are playing my records, and digging my sound. Nothing makes me happier, or feel a deeper sense of community and purpose than knowing my tracks are of use in a great DJ’s sets every weekend, in […]

Sunshine Jones: Sunday Sermon, May 25th 2008: Tampa Flordia

This sunday I’ll be in Tampa with Jask and Change getting down at the Sunday Sermon. Jask and I talked about it being possible to broadcast the night on 90hz instead of sunday soul. I’m still checking that out. Fingers crossed.

Spare change?

I know I’m probably taking this a little too literally (or am I reading too much into it?) but I don’t know how I’m supposed to respond to the new House Republican’s slogan. In a season of calls for change, democratic contests, encouraging numbers of people expressing hope, a sincere […]

Sunday Soul: 124: May 18th 2008

To listen: You can listen from the listen link at by clicking play on the big huge flash player at the top of the page. For a nicer listening experience, drop the IP address into WinAmp or RealPlayer iTunes Users: click “advanced” and select “open url”drop the IP […]

Unbreakable Heart

He arrived at the ferry dock. In the hours before dawn it was almost warm, as if the sun might soon rise and lift the heavy smell of the sea, drying the slippery wetness below his sandals. He knew better, that the instinct was left over from years of living […]