Look who’s number one on Doc Martin’s chart!

It feels so good to know that DJ’s I’ve known and loved for decades are playing my records, and digging my sound. Nothing makes me happier, or feel a deeper sense of community and purpose than knowing my tracks are of use in a great DJ’s sets every weekend, in every city, all over the world.

Vive House Muzique!


  1. Matt:

    I am feelin that and agreeing with you 100 % on that one Sunshine

    ; ]

  2. ku:

    that track is the best sounding thing I’ve ever heard on a sublevel pressing. kudos

  3. wemily:

    i always get a burst of excitement when doc plays a song of yours….and i dance and smile and giggle with delight……


  4. We’re a good team!

    Wanna be on our team?