August 2008

Mile High: All right!

I’m out of here. Headed to Denver for the weekend. I wasn’t ultra impressed with the closing ceremony of the DNC, or Obama’s speech. I am less inspired than I wanted to be today, but who cares, right? I’m headed out to a city I love for the weekend. Michael […]

Goodnight Del

San Francisco – US Lesbian rights pioneer Del Martin, who married her partner of 55 years in one of California first same-sex weddings, died Wednesday in San Francisco of natural causes. She was 87. Thank you for your devotion to our rights. Thank you for never giving up. Life is […]

… by bringing us together and reminding us how much we share and how alike we really are.

In case you live in a cabin in the woods with out electricity, or maybe under a rock, Michelle Obama spoke on Monday night at the democratic national convention in Denver. She was the keynote speaker. I’ve got a bit of campaign direction for Obama, but that’s not why I’m […]

insight and dance

You didn’t ask, but I’ll try to explain. I’m in the middle of writing something private — something which won’t be posted here — and it’s getting to me. First because it’s difficult to see, and then because it’s difficult to feel. I can’t believe that when I first put […]

I’m gonna die if I don’t get an Access Virus Ti Snow

Of course I’m not really going to die if I don’t get one of these sexy, table top, light weight, amazing sounding synthesizers… I’ll live. But Oooh I have this feeling inside of me that I just can’t make a single scrap of progress on my new album(s) until I […]

… don’t forget

in the endless stream of thoughts, like little flecks of light dancing in the corner of my eye, feelings come… they rise, and subside… Every single bit of my heart is alive and awake in a dance. I never worry about how delicate I am, how easy it is to […]

Sunshine Jones, Doc Martin, and Sublevel Live! September 20th 2008, Los Angeles!

Just us. All night. Come on!!!!

Like the ashes in the glasses on the floor after a long night of thinking…

I feel the blood seeping out from the cracks of my heart… in a perverse way it feels warm as it spreads over my t-shirt, soaking my sweater, and dripping from the hem to the floor. I don’t know why there’s no sun in the sky, but I keep coming […]

Sunday Soul: Do you know how beautiful you are? : August 10th 2008

Well do you?

Travelogue: Halifax – Fin

We were out on the sidewalk talking about serious things. I made a few dear and unforgettable friends on this trip. I looked each one of them in the eye and offered my friendship to each one of them. I don’t want Nick, Sarah, or Amanda to fade into people […]

Travelogue: Halifax Day Three and Four

I woke up late. It was after 2 and the sun was up. Everything had changed in the world. The sun was out, the dark beach was bright, the sky was blue, and the cool evening was hot. Only the breeze remained to assure me that I was in the […]

Travelogue – Halifax, day two

I woke up about 45 minutes after I went to sleep. Nothing woke me up, in that there was no sudden noise, no dream I remember, no disturbance. I was awake again. Nick’s apartment is compact and close, the fans whirred, the air flowed in through the open windows, and […]