November 2015

Sunshine Jones All Night December 10th in San Francisco

Ive been asked to come take the night on Thursday Dec. 10th at the Top – Underground SF – at 424 Haight Street in SF. So from around 9:30 until close I’ll be there playing a single piece of music. I can’t decide if I want to bring out gear, […]

Handmade stands for modern equipment now available for pre orders!

Three new items, designed by me, are being produced in the wood shop in San Francisco by Christopher and myself. We have joined forces to craft salvaged oak and locally milled stainless steel into three beautifully unique products for your pleasure and delight. BOUTIQUE MODULAR 3 TIER STAND Designed with […]

How to sync your Roland Demora Delay using CV Gate without feeling like an numb nuts on Muffwiggler

Roland have expanded their Aira line to now include a set of 4 mini semi modular effects. They fit right into a eurorack case, power either from the 9v wall wart, or the supplied eurorack ribbon cable, and they connect to a computer or an iPad using the usb/audio racks […]