Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival – June 20th – 23rd 2024

On June 20th I am headed up into the woods of Northern Washington State to gather with some of the loveliest people I know for the Cascadia Arts and Music Festival.

It begins before it begins. Michael and Jamie are getting married. I will be in attendance, but then the festival begins and I will be there for every minute of it. I have agreed to perform an improvised ambient set in the ambient area, but I’m really there to play a 100% live set on the main stage as the closing set of the festival. It will be my privilege to bring this experience to a close, bring everyone together, and wish them well (and encourage them to actually stick around and help clean up and leave this beautiful place even more pristine than we found it).

It’s a miracle! Dreams really do come true. And this time in a beautiful and thrilling way!
Michael, Tait and I were standing not so very long ago on a farm in Bellingham, Washington watching in silence as the doors of a storage container were closed and locked. Inside were the main stage sculptures for the Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival. It was the end of something, and we had all the feelings. I didn’t dare dream that this would happen again. I am so glad it is.

You can learn more about Cascadia right here
I’m so excited about this.
I’ll see you there!


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