Sunday Soul: HOLLOW INSIDE: November 2nd 2008

What can’t they be? Was that yellow one,
lying there hollow and open, not the rind
of a fruit in which the very same yellow
was its more intense and darkening juice?
And was this other undone by its opening,
since, so exposed, its ineffable pink
has picked up lilac’s bitter aftertaste?
And the cambric, is it not a dress
to which a chemise, light and warm as breath,
still clings, though both were abandoned
amid morning shadows near the old woodland pool?
And this of opalescent porcelain
is a shallow fragile china cup
full of tiny shining butterflies —
and there — that one’s holding nothing but itself.


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  1. Sunday Soul is live now!

    Join us!

  2. allright… four hours later. we’re all done for tonight. thank you. love you. good night.

  3. Wooo! Last night’s transmission of Sunday Soul was wild! Filthy, sexy, sloppy, dirty, opinionated, passionate, kind, tender and wonderful. We really let it get way from us last night. I showed up ready to sing the blues, and baby… I had some blues to sing about. I ended up stripping away the layers of pretense, an simply folded the whole thing together. In the discussion, our community conversation which goes on while we get down, there was warmth, and passion. We talked about everything from an upcoming event and how to get there to proposition 8 and what marriage even means to us. We shuffled off and took it on. It was out of control. So much so that at one point, it seems, i slipped off your panties and made passionate love with you. This seemed to fire up some folks, and send others packing. Ha haha… art re creates life in the best and most shameless way. So much for the blues.

    Be that as it may, here is the archve for Sunday Soul: HOLLOW INSIDE

    1.Sunday Soul – Program ID
    2. Unknown – Woolfy
    3. Hold On – Intrumental
    4. Bring Back The Love – Prins Thomas Dub – Bebel Gilberto
    5. To the brain – Force of Nature
    6. The Secret Field – Todd Tejre Remix – Kaoru Inoue
    * mememe (ish)
    7. Need Your Love – Bastedos Edit – Tony Sadler
    8. Rise – Sunshine Jones’ drag it out re edit – Herb Alpert
    * Now that you’re gone
    9. Protection – Sirius Mo Remix – Ben Mono
    10. Caprice – Bogdan Irku k
    * find your way home
    11. Violet – Original Mix – Nuance Movement
    * So far away
    12. My Love – Dub Mix – Audio Affinity
    13. She Says – Wahoo Remix – Milke
    ** I always feel so embarassed when this dude starts singing,
    but everyone always loves it and asks me who it is — shows ya what i know **
    14. Synergistic – Willie Graff
    15. Omega – Hiroshi Watanabe
    * Out Here
    16. I’m Not Blade Runner – Marcello Giordani
    17. Somewhere – Rekleiner
    * where is your heart (and what have you done with my mind?)
    18. No turning back – Marcus Aurelius Remix – Gershon
    19. Zumbi – Isoul8 Remix – Frankie Valentine
    20. Fragment – Galaxy
    21. VooDoo Ray – A Guy Called Gerald
    22. We are what we are – Sunshine Jones *
    * your ego is not your amigo
    23. Shingaling – Rainer Weichold Remix – Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas
    * I wanna… and I’m gonna
    24. Love Someone – Mario Basanov & Vidis Inst. – Atjazz feat. Robert Owens
    * Wanna do it again?
    25. Half Inch Jack – Filthy Cow
    26. Oblivion – Dixon’s Edit – I Cube
    27. Bonafied Lovin – Sweetlight Remix – Chromeo
    * Never gonna be the same
    28. North East – El Carlitto
    29. I wanna kiss you all over – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Exile
    30. Bloom Doudouk – Lanoiraude
    31. Modern Stalking – Lovebirds
    32. Gemini – Slope
    33. Like A Star – Main – Alister Johnson
    34. Blues what am i missing – LOTD
    35. DeviateManuel Tur & Dplay
    36. 24K – Morgan Geist
    37. Monkey Overbite – The Emperor Machine
    38. Acacia – Groovenauts
    39. Skyline – Motego Muzik
    * twilight
    40. Across The Sea – J. Axel
    41. Love Love Love – Aeroplane Mix – Low Motion Disco
    42. Sunday Soul – Program ID
    43. Do You Feel Me – Anthony Hamilton
    44. Sunday Soul – Program ID

    45 – 55. Just to be sure the djinn were all gone from my studio tonight, i played a selection of punk rock, hip hop, and songs from the distant past featuring Buzzcocks, Gang of Four, Public Enemy, David Sylvian, and Imogen Heap (none of which were included in the archive.)

    Total Broadcasting Time: Four hours and thirty nine minutes
    Archive Running Time:

    * performed live

    The archive is posted now at the bottom of the community area at Treehouse Muzique (my record label) and also at the bottom of the home page for Sunday Soul. You can stream it, download it for your iPod, or open it in a new window and be on your way.

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    Sloppy and filthy, or stringent and contained, I am so grateful to you for your kind and generous presence on sunday night’s. Thank you so much for listening. I love you.

    See you next week, live from Florida!


  4. Sam:

    Esp. liked the cosmic disco flavor in the first 45 min! And of course VooDoo Ray…thanks for that!