I wanna kiss you all over…

kiss you all over cover

Heart aches, headspace, confusion, fear, hassle, tussle, nightmares, and sweet kisses… it’s been a busy week. I am more than ready to head out to Seattle for a serious get down tonight. But wherever I go, whatever I do, however I hurt, or however loud I’m laughing… it’s true baby, I do. I just wanna kiss you all over, and over again…

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  1. christina:

    wonderful sunshine, beautiful…sexy… and it’s much too freaking early for me to be singing….lol

  2. Heather:

    i say this….. “”

    And I love his song!

    you pain in the heine!

  3. Well, yes. I certainly am a pain in the butt…

  4. Karin:

    oooh! I love it she writes and jiggles away….