JU-06 / JU-06A Patch Exchange


Q – Do the patches copy between devices?

A – Yes, yes they do.
JU-06 patches are numbered differently (JU06_PATCH1-64.PRM) than the JU-06A (JU06A_PATCH65-128.PRM)
There is also the model to consider.

JU-06 patch names are the same, and so in the 106 mode of the JU-06A if you haven’t written any of your own patches they should be the same sounds.

The JU-06A stores the 106 Model sounds from 65 to 128 in memory – so program file 65 would correspond to patch 1-1 in the 106 bank of the JU-06A

If you have a patch you’d like to transfer from the 06 into the 06A here is what to do:

Boot the 06 with Bank 2 held down and mount the synth to your desktop

Copy al of your files from the backup folder in the 06 into a well marked folder on your computer.

We need to determine which file is which. Remember the patches are organized a little bit differently (1-1 – 1-8, 2-1 – 2-8 etc) and so we will have to pay attention to this in order to get the right file we want.

Assume we want to copy patch 3-6 from the JU-06 into the JU-06A and keep the same patch number.
On the JU-06 this will be program file 22 (1-1 = 1, 2-1 = 9, 3-1=17, 3-6 = 22)
On the JU-06A the destination program will be 86 (1-1 = 65, 2-1 = 73, 3-1=81, 3-6=86)
For those who don’t do math in their heads this can get confusing, so count on your fingers, make notes, whatever you have to do, but make sure you have backups of everything. If you totally screw up, you can always restore all your patches from the backups you made. So make them.

Because we don’t want to mess up our backup files, create a new neutral zone, and copy the desired patches for transfer into them. This will be a good practice to preserve our backup files, and to keep organized so that we remember what it is we really want to put where. Everything going into the JU-06A will all be there in the Romulan Neutral Zone and we can pay attention to math and names and forget all about what we did where before as we go.

The file system in the JU-06A is different than the 06 and so in order to restore a patch from the 06 to the 06A we need to rename the files so that the 06A knows what to do with them.


Now connect the JU-06A to the USB port of your computer, and boot it up holding down the Bank 2 button.
It makes a circle, and takes a sec, but soon the drive is on the desktop.

Drag the patches you renamed and wish to load into the JU-06A into the RESTORE folder.
When this is all done, eject the drive.
Press the Arpeggio on/off button
When this is complete it will say OK on the screen.
Power cycle the JU-06A and check out your awesome JU-06 patches now ported to the JU-06A

There are differences between the two instruments. Sometimes they are subtle, other times the octave is wrong, or the filter/envelope setting are not exactly right. So plan for some adjustments to make the patches perfect, but as a general guide, so far, none of the transfers I’ve done have been terribly far off.

I am not responsible if you bungle this and ruin all your patches. It’s probably a good idea to do a simple test first to be sure you have the hang of this and haven’t miscounted or overlooked something.
I can confirm that this works.
But after these instructions, which I am happy to talk with you about, I love you, but you are on your own.

Further Questions:
Is there a midi program change/bank message which will switch between 60 Mode and 106 Mode?
Is there a midi program change to call up Manual Mode?

Good luck & Have fun!

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  1. Neil Burdon:

    You Sir are a star, was wondering if this was possible!!
    Thanks again, you never cease to amaze.